Important Notice

This is just to let everybody know that our main clan member activity requirement has indeed changed. It is now required that you get 5 or more activity points to stay out of the danger zone. This may seem like a tougher requirement, but it will make sense.

We are giving out more points to specific events as of next week, which will balance things out a lot more. Please don't be frightened by that increase, it probably will not affect you much. Just lettin' you know!

You can read more about our activity procedures for Provisionals, Clan Members and Staff here.

The Surreal Staff Team
I'm not a bad guy.
I think 5pts is fair. With the weekly Dunge event and Weekly TOG event being 2 each you can get your points in no time.
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Thanks for the heads up
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Already read in it an other newspost smile
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Sounds good Mr. Downfall! Thanks for the notice :]
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Sounds fair.
This is indeed very nice smile
It was too easy in my opinion to get 3 in a single day.
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5 points is way more than fair, good to see you posted this though in case people didn't notice the change on other threads.
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Yup, I agree. We have 3 weekly events that count for 2 points a pop, (Citadel, DG, ToG/Kingdom) and even then there are loads of events during the week. The citadel alone makes this requirement change more than fair enough, since it can be done any time you want and doesn't require a host. ^_^ But it will be nice to see what events get extra activity points now; I think I have an idea of which ones will be getting a revamp.
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I always get at least 7 somehow anyway lol. Wink

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