We're all after gaining a ton of XP when DXPW comes around (even the most avid bank standers move their bum!), and a very nice addition of 10% more XP can be bought by creating a RAF (Refer-A-Friend) Account. Here is how to do this.

Step 1: Go to the RAF tab on the main page:

Step 2: Press the button that says 'recruit a friend'.

Step 3: A login page pops up - log in with the account you want the RAF bonus on.

Step 4: Scroll down to find a direct link - copy/paste this into your browser.

Step 5: In this new tab, sign up with a fake email adress (remember the adress!).

Step 6: Log into the game with your newly made RAF account. It should be automatically added as a friend in blue letters onto the account you want the RAF bonus on.

Step 7: Buy 1 month of membership on your RAF account. This causes a scroll to appear on the account you want the RAF bonus on.

Step 8: Read the scroll to get 10% more XP for a whole week - during DXPW this is doubled to 20% more XP.

Step 9: GAINS!

Step 10: MORE GAINS!

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Bumping this as a reminder smile extra dxpw gains!
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Just a fix, Jagex changed and Raf bonus is not doubled so only 10%.
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Damn expensive, with all these xp handouts don´t feel like this is really worth it anymore.
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