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I constructed this guide on my G&A thread a while back so thought I would re post here it, should you need a more condensed version of tree locations/herb locations than RSwikia and the best way of getting to these locations

Hope it helps smile

Herb Locations:

5 Torstol seeds (Torstol is just my preference)

Priff > Ardounge Cloak > Catherby(Modified Botanist Mask) > Cabbage Port > Ectophial(Farming Hat) 

Tree Locations:
6 Trees
6 Fruit Trees
1 Calquat
1 Spirit tree

Tree patches in Lumbridge, Falador, Taverly, Varrock (Lodestone)

Fruit tree patch in Catherby (Lodestone)

Tree patch/Fruit tree patch in Gnome Stronghold (Spirit trees option 2)

Fruit tree patch West Tree Gnome Village (Spirit tree option 1)

Fruit tree patch in Brimhaven (Spirit tree option 8)

Calquat tree patch in Tai Bwo Wannai (Run South > South East)

Fruit tree patch in Lletya (Ammo Quiver Teleport)

Spirit tree patch in Etceteria (Fairy Ring Code: C I P)

Tree patch/Fruit tree patch in North/South Priff (Lodestone)

Payment Protection (Optional)
Oak: Tomatoes Basket
Willow: Apples Basket
Maple: Oranges Basket
Yew: Cactus Spines
Magic: 25 Coconuts

Fruit Trees
Apple: 9 raw sweetcorn
Banana: 4 apple baskets
Orange: 3 strawberry baskets
Curry: 5 banana baskets
Pineapple: 10 watermelon
Papaya: 10 pineapples
Palm: 15 papaya
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Ooooh, thanks for this reference. I was just saying in cc the other day that I need to work on farming--maybe this will help me motivate myself!
Don't send me into a library without supervision unless you're prepared to file a missing persons report.
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Omg i totally didnt know the farmers hat and botanist mask had tele options... and i have both! Thanks for the tips!
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Glad I could help you both smile

@Jeli, also I made it as clear as I could so I hope it helps you when it comes to travelling Biggrin
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Thank you for guide, tbh I dont know why i never plant my trees or fruits.. could have been 99 year ago lol.
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