Fight for Surreal's Top Skillers - April 2019

Fight for Surreals Top Skillers
April 2019 Edition

Hello Surrealians! 

I thought I would kick this off again as it was something I always looked forward to. I'll be tracking the monthly gains of our 10 best skillers and posting each month on their efforts, their total combined experience gains and any notable achievements they obtained during the month.

I'll also be including the up and coming members that are closing in on our list, and who knows, you might even see yourself on here! 

Surreal's Top Skillers will be released on the first or second day of the month, it will be sorted by exp only and not by total levels.

1. @ Meg - 3.027B exp (gained 65.9M)
RSN: Meghann

Monthly gains: Meg had a pretty big month, most of her gains were during SWC's gaining 12M in Runecrafting and 11.8M in Strength, 8.4M Crafting, 6.1m Defence, 6.1M Constitution, 6.1M Woodcutting, 3M Prayer. 
Notable achievements: 3B Overall XP, 140M Prayer, 130M Defence, 110M Slayer, 60M Runecrafting, 60M Woodcutting and 50M Crafting.

2. @Dark - 2.038B exp (gained 30.1M)
RSN: DarkElf mage

Monthly gains: Dark had a great month, he mostly focused on Woodcutting this month, gaining 4.5M followed by 3.3M Invention, 3M Cooking, 2.6M Fishing, 2.1M Smithing and 2.1M Farming.
Notable achievements: 2.025B Overall XP, 200M Invention, 50M Mining,  40M Prayer.

3. @SurrealEXP - 1.724M exp (gained 20.4M)
RSN: Aurorae Auri

Monthly gains: Brin has had a very good month considering she has been quite busy IRL most of her gains were in Agility with 3.5M gained, 1.6m Range, 1.4M Farming, 1.4M Mining, 1.3M Hunter, 1.3M Divination. 
Notable achievements: 50M Agility, 30M Defence.

4. @MonteCrist0 - 1.643M exp (gained 29.5M)
RSN: FloatnSting

Monthly gains: Great month for Raj, his main goal this month was working towards 200M thieving and he gained a whopping 15.3M in that skill, 4.1M Range, 2.7M Firemaking, 1.9M Fishing, 1.3M Constitution.
Notable achievements: 1.625M Overall XP, 200M Thieving, 70M Fishing.

5. @Rex Advenes - 1.490M exp (gained 214K)
RSN: Rex Advenes

Monthly gains: Very slow month for Iris as she has been playing on Lux Fortis.
Notable achievements:

6. @Shawn - 1.418M exp (gained 1.1M)
RSN: GameOfThrone

Monthly gains: Shawn has recently started playing again and is slowly earning the xp, most of his gains were towards Farming, Mining and Hunter.
Notable achievements:

7. @old_jon - 1.374M exp (gained 3M)
RSN: Old Jon

Monthly gains: Slow month for Jon, mostly focused on farming this month with 1.9M experience gained in that skill.
Notable achievements: 50M Farming.

8. @samro30 - 925M exp (gained 15.1M)
RSN: Samro30

Monthly gains: Not a bad month for Sam, she mostly focused on cooking with 4m experience gained, 2.4M Dungeoneering. s1.6M Slayer, 1.9M Farming. 
Notable achievements: 20M cooking, 925M exp.

9. @Kermen - 918M exp (gained 91K)
RSN: Kermen

Monthly gains: Kermen has been absent this month, hopefully we will see more of her next month!
Notable achievements:

10. @moystieoystie - 900M exp (0 exp)
RSN: MoistyOystie

Monthly gains: Moisty is currently inactive.
Notable achievements:

Watch out for: 

11. @Neeson - 818M exp 
12. @Wader - 798M exp 
13. @Jos - 790M exp 

April's Best Monthly Experience gainers: 

1. @Neeson - gained 88.7M 
2. @ Meg - gained 65.9M
3. @Mini Kniight - gained 57.4M
4. @Jos - gained 30.5M 
5. @Dark - gained 30.1M
6. @MonteCrist0 - gained 29..5M
7. @MustBeSlayin - gained 29.2M
8. @Bjornbrant - gained 27.5M
9. @Redwing25x33 - gained 24.3M
10. @Rex Advenes on Lux Fortix - gained 23.8M

Top 10 Totals 

The last month the Top 10 Gained; 165.6M Combined Experience. Which is an average of 16.5M Experience per person.

Note: If you should be on this list, and are not, or have any other questions/concerns, please contact me in private message at @ Meg.

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Fear me
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(7 May 2019, 09:28)Jos Wrote:  Fear me

I dunno, Meg's crushing the game. XP wise. So shouldn't we fear Meg?
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cool Biggrin!
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