Formally: Surreal is Back

It's time to sit & talk

Surreal's back. Full-time.

The latest update from Surreal

As you may have been able to tell recently, things are picking up a little around here. We're making adjustments, adding new capabilities, and best of all, celebrating our history as a clan.

In the not-too-distant past, Surreal had closed it's doors to new members, and officially declared itself less clan, more casual community. To be perfectly honest, I think that the casual community vibe worked well, and is still working.

However, with the recent rush of energy that has come through the clan following the release of Archaeology and extraordinary circumstances, it dawned on me that this clan means so much to many of us, including myself. What we provide at Surreal is special, it makes a positive mark on our day, and I think myself and the entire team, as well as our awesome members are ready to kick things back into gear.

Things will be different

In just a few months' time, in October, Surreal will be celebrating ten years since opening. I personally would love to show you what Surreal is known for, and what has given this clan such incredible longevity - and a big part of that is all of you participating and enjoying what we have to offer.

As a team, we'll do our best to offer a bit more events, to be more open to recruitment, and finally to come up with new and exciting ways to enjoy your game-time!

We have some cool updates in store that are already well into development. We have a team with huge talent and love for this clan. Best of all, we have a family. Together, we're gonna celebrate 10 years of Surreal in a way Surreal is famous for, and we can't wait to share it with you all ❤️

Much love,
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I look forward to doing my best to serve Surreal to the best of my ability that I'm feeling in the moment smile and I cannot wait to see Surreal reach 10 amazing years of existence! I appreciate our members for sticking with us smile

I appreciate you as well Jordy for putting your heart and soul into this clan doing what you do best! And I can't wait for all the members to experience what you've been up to Wink

*sneaky toot*
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Thank you to this amazing clan for letting me be apart of it since 2017! Thank you to our trusty leaders for always being so welcoming and so caring! While I had that in CE, I felt the family vibe so much more even when I was a guest. This clan has been and will be so special to me. The writer in me wants to come up with something witty, but I can't so I will just say that I love you both so much! Thank you for bringing life into Surreal and I'm excited for the 10yr anniversary! That is all.
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This excites me and makes me happy
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I cant WAIT!
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I'm with Jenn, such an amazing family we have here. smile Can't wait to see what Jordy is up to, haha. <3
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Glad to be apart of it for awhile now. Hope it can continue to grow and flourish.
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It's been a great privilege to of been part of this on and off since 2015. Here's too all you special people who are still here and to those who aren't as well! Well done for making this such a great place to be.
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Yahoo Very Nice...It pleases us..-does happy dance-  also sorry for my quietness in the clan chat.Works been crazy with everything that's going on so even though I'm on, I'm pretty afk...hopefully we'll get back up to full staff soon and I can play more from home Grin
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