Runescape Name: Pragnos

Real-life name/nickname: Luke

Age: 28

Country: England

Describe yourself in one word: Weird

What made you start playing runescape: When I was 8 a few of the other lads at school got me into it so played on and off ever since.

Favorite Movie: Has to be The Hobbit/LotR

Music taste: Bit of everything but favourite has to be the 80s

Other games: None

Occupation: Worked in construction for years but decided on a career change and now work from home

Other language(s): Sarcasm

Hobbies/talents: I enjoy reading and playing football. I like messing around with computers, taking them apart and putting back together again.
Been a pleasure to meet you Luke! Loving the music taste!
Nice to meet you.
Thanks for the intro! It is a pleasure having you around. Welcome!!!
Hey, Welcome Luke. You sound awesome I think I met you earlier today. My favourite movies are also Hobbit/LOTR! I'm also 28 so same age too! Hope you enjoy it here at surreal. Great intro, look forward to seeing you more in-game Biggrin
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Hey Luke! Welcome to Surreal! Biggrin I'm so glad you found us and wanted to be a part of our family Give_heart I hope you are with us for many years to come!

Like Brin who commented earlier, I also love your music taste! Biggrin
[Image: GpJL.png]

[Image: GVO3.png]
Thx guys love it so far smile For sure can't beat the 80s there is nothing like it nowadays!
[Image: user1-dark.png]
As someone who was a teenager in the 80's, there is plenty that could beat it, lol...
Hey Luke! Welcome to the clan Wink

80s music is a must Wink
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