Old Runescape pictures

I was cleaning some old HD's and found some early pics from my account. They range from '09-'11 and are mainly skilling related(99's and overall levels)

Do you have any old pictures laying around? Share with us !

Here are some of mine

Earliest one from June '09. Me F2p killing some roaches
[Image: KM21Wat.png]

My first 99 (Oct '09)

[Image: ePEsIMW.png]

99 Mage and 1900 total
[Image: N8jTaMf.jpg]

My favourite 99 and skill so far. Farming

[Image: 17xh7YR.jpg]

2k total (Sept '10)
[Image: 7hPUomr.png]

2.1k total and probably one of the first pics from my first time at Surreal
[Image: GLpcqTT.png]

You can check the whole album here https://imgur.com/a/0go9CZs
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That's so cool you have screenshots from the old days, haha. Mine is only a year and 4 months old lol, so no "Old RuneScape" pictures from me.. I did have an account from those days, but I quit it and 7 years later forgot the info to it. Sad
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