SWC Re-evaluation

SWC Re-evaluation

We'd appreciate your input

SWC: Feedback Re-evaluation

As several of you know, last year we released a feedback form to gather insight on how we're going to readjust the schedule for SWC in light of the fact that Jagex has been actively releasing DXPs. This time around, we are releasing a re-evaluation form to gather insight on if the majority of you are happy with how SWC has been done this year, or if changes need to be made. You have plenty of time (until December 25th @ 23:59 game time) to access/fill out the form smile

We want to hear from you!

SWC is a big part of Surreal, and your feedback on it is an even bigger part. Our re-evaluation form will take just a moment of your time to complete, and it will be very appreciated! You can access it via the button below.

All form responses get posted to the SWC Feedback thread. Regular replies are also allowed on it, so if additional thoughts come to mind after you've submitted the form, you can share them on that thread as well!

Form Submission Deadline: December 25th @ 23:59 UTC

(This will allow us time to set up SWC for the year)


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