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Our New Voice & Text Chat Server

After a clan vote and some discussion, it's clear you are all ready to move on from Teamspeak and get onto something a little more friendly. In comes Discord.

[Image: WUae0b6.png]

Please bare in mind, this is not just another Teamspeak - there are text chat only channels as well, so you should be joined up whenever you can! If you think back to the days of IRC, it almost combines IRC with Teamspeak.

There are mobile apps available too, so you can keep in touch with your clan mates wherever you might be smile Just click the invite link below, and the rest is history:


If you run into any issues with installation, or have any questions about what this means -- either leave a comment in this thread, or feel free to drop me a line either in game or on the forums.

Hope to see you all in there soon!  Santa
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Got it smile
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