Surreal Revealed, Dec 2018

Surreal Revealed
The Real Surreal | December '18

Words from the Editor

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad! Can you believe that it's already December? 2018 has been a blast, and we're so glad that you've been along for the ride with Surreal. 

The year may be nearing its end, but that doesn't mean the fun ends in Surreal. Be sure to log in for Jagex's Winter Weekends, the Advent Calendar, and so much more. December brings back many fond memories for all of us from Christmas cookies, presents, and holiday traditions. One holiday tradition we have here at Surreal is Secret Santa. Lots of you are signed up to participate. You'll learn your lucky recipient very soon, so be sure to keep an eye on your PM's here on the forum. 

 New Members

We'd like to give a warm welcome to these 2 new members that joined us in November! We're so glad you're a part of our crazy family. 
@little tik

We hope you've enjoyed being in Surreal so far and that you'll continue to grow with us.  Grin 
Can't keep track of who's in the clan? Check out a complete list of our members here.


WOAH. Check out that list! Thanks to a surprise double XP weekend, this month's achievements are incredible. Great work, everyone!

@Aarchaeon: 99 Attack, 99 Magic
@Beccah: 160M Constitution XP, 2.675B Overall XP, 80M Attack XP, 50M Strength XP, 50M Cooking XP, 120M Hunter XP
@Blurry Moon: 275M Overall XP
@Cava: 400M Overall XP, 20M Crafting XP, 20M Firemaking XP
@Cristoph: 250M Overall XP, 275M Overall XP, 99 Herblore, 20M Attack XP, 20M Magic XP, 99 Slayer, 99 Farming, 300M Overall XP, 30M Constitution XP
@CS The Oracle: 1B Overall XP, 1.05B Overall XP, 20M Farming XP
@Dark: 70M Farming XP, 40M Woodcutting XP, 60M Agility XP, 1.75B Overall XP, 110M Hunter XP
@dunder: 110M Runecrafting XP
@Fake Brews: 20M Slayer XP
@Flink: 170M Dungeoneering XP, 60M Slayer XP, 20M Divination XP
@Galactica64: 250M Overall XP, 99 Farming, 99 Fletching, 275M Overall XP
@HeavenlyCel: 30M Slayer XP, 80M Invention XP
@hoggie59: 150M Overall XP
@Hulohot: 150M Overall XP
@Jarret: 325M Overall XP, 99 Magic, 99 Thieving
@JeliBelski: 99 Hunter
@Jerome: 30M Slayer XP, 20M Hunter XP
@Jonathan: 20M Farming XP, 30M Attack XP, 40M Attack XP, 60M Slayer XP,  20M Firemaking XP
@Kermen: 900M Overall XP
@MonteCrist0: 140M Thieving XP, 1.55B Overall XP
@Niickelodeon: 99 Farming, 99 Woodcutting, 99 Fishing, 99 Hunter, 99 Divination, 99 Runecrafting, 99 Mining, 99 Agility, 1B Overall XP
@October Rust: 30M Fishing XP
@Rex Advenes: 80M Thieving XP
@Saint Kain: 99 Firemaking, 99 Defence, 99 Magic
@SanneBean: 150M Overall XP, 99 Mining
@Shawn: 1.4B Overall XP, 40M Defence XP, 40M Strength XP, 80M Constitution XP, 40M Attack XP
@sorchaflaith: 20M Hunter XP, 60M Invention XP
@spaceoutkid: 200M Overall XP
@ SurrealEXP: 1.65B Overall XP, 1.675B Overall XP, 150M Invention XP
@Teh_Corey: 20M Attack XP, 99 Mining, 99 Hunter
@Wader: 99 Invention, 625M Overall XP, 30M Constitution XP

AltScape & Friends

@Rex Advenes: 50M Overall XP
@Rex Advenes: Regis Ardora: 275M Overall XP 
@ SurrealEXP: So Adorkable: 200M Overall XP, 99 Thieving


@Aarchaeon: 20M Constitution XP, 275M Overall XP, 99 Magic, 20M Invention XP
@Beccah: 100M Agility XP
@Cristoph: 275M Overall XP, 99 Herblore
@CS The Oracle: 60M Summoning XP, 20M Smithing XP
@Dark: 160M Invention XP
@Fake Brews: 80M Invention, 120 Invention, 80M Defence XP, 650M Overall XP
@Flink: 1.25B Overall XP, 30M Defence XP
@Galactica64: 99 Herblore
@HeavenlyCel: 600M Overall XP
@Hulohot: 99 Magic, 99 Constitution
@Jarret: 99 Herblore
@Jonathan: 110M Constitution XP, 1.2B Overall XP, 70M Ranged XP, 100M Invention XP, 20M Prayer XP
@Jos: 550M Overall XP
@Kira Wolfkin: 99 Smithing
@Loric: 400M Overall XP, 99 Construction, 99 Crafting, 99 Fletching
@Meg: 40M Attack XP, 40M Hunter XP, 2.875B Overall XP, 40M Crafting XP
@October Rust: 50M Invention XP
@old_jon: 100M Slayer XP
@Rex Advenes: 1.325B Overall XP
@Saint Kain: 70M Thieving XP, 400M Overall XP, 99 Hunter, 99 Summoning
@sorchaflaith: 20M Divination XP, 20M Crafting XP, 30M Slayer XP, 600M Overall XP
@spaceoutkid: 99 Herblore
@ SurrealEXP: 110M Herblore XP
@Teh_Corey: 400M Overall XP, 99 Prayer
@Wader: 30M Magic XP, 40M Invention XP, 60M Dungeoneering XP, 625M Overall XP, 30M Slayer XP

AltScape & Friends DXPW

@Rex Advenes: Lux Fortis: 25M Overall XP, 99 Herblore
@Rex Advenes: Regis Ardora: 20M Thieving XP
@ SurrealEXP: So Adorkable: 99 Construction, 99 Farming

Didn't see your achievement in here? We're sorry we missed it! Let us know by posting in a goal log, or give us a shout out on the Discord.

Skill Week Championship

As always, November was a jam-packed month for our skilling competitions. In Round 3, we took to the dark places of Gielinor, armed to the teeth with swords, lances, and rubber chickens (ok, not really) in our Attack round. Round 4 brought out our survival skills as we tracked and trapped critters galore in our Hunter challenge. As you can tell, there's a heated battle between 1st and 2nd AND 3rd and 4th PLUS there's a tie for 5th--that's crazy. But what will happen in this Magic round? The results are sure to be enchanting.
Place Username Total points
1st @Beccah 340
2nd @Teh_Corey 330
3rd @Jos 170
4th @Meg 150
5th @Loric & @Jonathan 120

 Closing Remarks & Behind the Scenes

Lots of holiday events and items are finding their way to RuneScape. Have you changed your FashionScape to show your most festive look? Show us in the comments. 

As the snow falls (or doesn't, if your hometown has a green Christmas), we hope you can keep warm inside and out. Have a blessed, magical, and safe holiday. We're so glad that we can be a small part of it. 

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Beautifully written as usual great job to everyone on the gains and welcome aboard to our two newest members, as a side note I didn't even realize i had accomplished so much
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Nice job to all the gains everyone!!
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Crazy gains! Congrats to all! smile

Thank you so much @JeliBelski for all the awesome newsletters you create smile
[Image: Sig_Mel9_zpsmusbufzv.png]
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So much gains, I can't handle! Well done everyone.
[Image: old_jos.png]
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Congrats you guys! Nice to see such epic gains smile smile
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Good job everyone on the gains!
Come and check out my Twitch streams! - @ATTICUSdotTV
Twitter/Instagram: @ATTICUSdotTV

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Awesome gains Biggrin
[Image: Azumanga_Daioh-Kagura.png][Image: 1272%20-%20azumanga_daioh%20chiyo%20kagu...20yomi.gif]
[Image: user1-light.png]
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