Surreal Revealed, June 2019

Surreal Revealed
The Real Surreal | June '19

Words from the Editor

Welcome to June, everybody! We've enjoyed a great month of skilling, competing, and otherwise rocking around Gielinor. Here in Surreal, we've had a month jammed full of activities, from hide n' seek, group dungeoneering, skilling and chilling, penguin hunting, and much more!

One of our favorite parts of May was hosting an activity competition and a recruiting competition. We held dozens of events this month, and several events got double points for having full CC attendance. Thanks to all of you for your great participation. As for the competitions, @Waderon BOTH competitions with an astonishing 1,060 activity points and recruiting one member. Good work, Wade!

One last little bit of housekeeping: we've made an update to our returning member policy. We think this new policy will better serve the family atmosphere we foster here in Surreal. You can browse the full policy here, and as always, if you have questions, feel free to contact a staff member. We're here to help.

 New & Returning Members

We'd like to give a hearty welcome back to @Mr Tanner who returned this month. We're glad you're back with the Surreal family!

Can't keep track of who's in the clan? Check out a complete list of our members here.

 Top Skillers

If you haven't already checked out the Top 5 Skillers for May, you should! @Meg compiled this comprehensive list of the clan's top 5 skillers in each skill for the month. And let me tell you, there are some impressive gains! For instance, @Wader racked up more than 20 million xp in Invention and 21 million in Mining; @Meg gained over 15 million xp in woodcutting; and @Mini Kniight gained over 13 million xp in farming. To get a full look at the gains, check out the list here.

Skill Week Championship

In May, Surrealians turned into gatherer extraordinaires! In Round 3, we chopped ivy, logs, and crystal trees galore for our Woodcutting Round. Then we switched from wood to precious metals and took to the caverns of Runescape in our Mining round. Last month there was a tie for first, but @Meg has established a slim lead. Can she keep it? And what will happen to the current tie for fourth? 
Stay tuned--the Fishing round is sure to shake up this leaderboard!

Place Username Total points
1st @Meg 360
2nd @Mini Kniight 340
3rd @Dark 230
4th @Jos 200
4th @Neeson 200

 Closing Remarks & Behind the Scenes

We're almost halfway through 2019 already--can you believe it? For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the hot summer months are setting in; feel free to stay in the cool AC and 'Scape with us all month long! 

What was your favorite event during May's activity spree? Let us know in the comments! 

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1060 points in a month is really impressive. Good job Wader!
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Woo Congratz wade, and everybody else Biggrin
[Image: user1-light.png][Image: 2JSik6b.jpg]
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Thanks for the update Jeli! Always love a revealed edition.

Putting in those gains and gunning for the Top 10 list. 72m for may Biggrin
@iWader on Twitter.
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