Surreal's Future

Just over nine years ago, Surreal was founded. We burst onto the clan scene wanting to create a unique and supportive atmosphere with fun events, with a team that thinks outside the box to make unforgettable experiences with a game we all loved to play. Since that time, until now, I believe we've fulfilled our mission, and I myself have met and worked with some of the most amazing people I've ever known.

Surreal is here today not as a clan, but as a pillar of what a clan could be. The many people who have worked tirelessly over the years to make all of this a reality can't go unnoticed or unappreciated. We've been through interesting times, for sure. We've had entire clans disband and join ours, we were featured on after being open for just one week, we've had crazy amounts of members incoming, and sometimes outgoing. We've designed systems that provided more functionality than Jagex's own. All in all, it's been one of the most precious parts of my life for nearly a decade, and I love this community.

But today is a day where we must have a difficult conversation. One I have not wanted to have for some time.

We stand today as a clan in different times. RuneScape has changed, we have changed, and the expectations of a clan have also changed. The mission that Surreal started around has less and less relevance in this modern game - and unfortunately we're behind the times. I, and many others have unfortunately lost their passion for this mission, and lost interest in the game itself. Jagex's keen interest in monetisation has devalued the game for a lot of us, and unfortunately the overall quality of RS3 has waned.

I can no longer justify the team continuing to put time into making fun events, skill weeks, or coding a new feature or two for you all to enjoy. It's not that they aren't important, but I feel that it's an obligation that comes with heavy responsibility, and no longer carries similar rewards for you all. Additionally, I feel that there isn't much of a way forward for us to continue with the same model that we've operated on for nearly a decade with the current state of the game.

It's with a heavy heart that I announce that Surreal will cease operation, effective immediately. I'd like us to remain open as a community, with an open Discord that we can all catch up on. Additionally, the clan chat will remain open and you can remain with your rank if you'd prefer to stay. The main difference here is that Skill Weeks and Events will no longer be hosted by our staff, and no further updates will be developed.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has given so many hours of their free time to make this clan as great as it is. I'd also like to extend a very special thank you to @Lady Spyra for not only being the rock of this clan for so many years, but for also being mine. Thank you to everyone who has ever joined the clan, been with us a while, hung out in the clan chat, hosted events, played along and has had a blast.

A big thank you also goes out to our Senior Members both past and present who have not only been a part of the clan, but have consistently participated and made this community fun. You are all welcome to remain part of the clan in-game, and to keep in touch via Discord.

Love you all.

Surreal forever.
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Man, this really hit me hard in the feels to see it be official Sad

Jordy - it has been a great honor to serve you for almost 5 years. Surreal is the best clan I've ever been a part of, and that's partly because of who you are as a person. Surreal has one of the best communities and I'm blessed to have met such wonderful people smile

And I hope that you all continue to stay ranked with us, cause I know I'm not going anywhere! Give_heart

To those wondering: I plan on continuing to run the weekly pengy hunts, so feel free to join in! smile
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Oh darn. This isn't good news but I suppose it's something you feel very strongly about because the closure of a clan, specifically for as long as this one has been open, is not a decision ever made lightly or on a whim.

Sorry that you had to make this decision and I hope you future success.
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(26 Oct 2019, 21:31)CS The Oracle Wrote:  Oh darn. This isn't good news but I suppose it's something you feel very strongly about because the closure of a clan, specifically for as long as this one has been open, is not a decision ever made lightly or on a whim.

Sorry that you had to make this decision and I hope you future success.

Just to be clear, this isn't necessarily a 'closure'. We're just going to be operating as a community of friends without the mandatory events.

Thank you though <3
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I'll continue to be part of this community.
I'm sure it was a tough decision but it really is for the best. RS has really changed. We've really changed. But I'm glad we can all still be here.
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The RuneScape community sure has changed, and so did all of us.

When we met at Draynor community in late '07 (that's almost half our life ago), we learned what a great community is.
In 2008 we joined some of its most respected members and our friends to be in Skillers Empire and had a great time and meet many more amazing people, some we still speak to on this very day. (and even met)

In 2010 you left Skillers Empire to start Surreal and I followed you. Known as king of the trolls, you still made me the first staff member and I thank you for that. I haven't always been the best example for our new members and always done what I wanted.

Bla bla bla - years of emotions - bla bla

... Bad Bad

Something about closing clan many years ago No

Hey it's 2019!

Oh boy, you said it many times: we will meet some day!
You quit your job and turned into Colonel Kurtz, but eventually you made your way to Europe and we met. Now you even live 30 mins away from me, becoming a Dutch speaking citizen. (and this isn't a love story)

Hi Wizard Umnik2 Lazy2 Santa Beee Whistle Yahoo King2

Thank you for everything, you little piece of shit.
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I kinda understand the decision though it probably wasn't the easiest to make. The clan scene changed a lot from when the clan started to now. We kinda lost momentum as a clan but I also think the game lost momentum as a whole, Jagex been dropping the ball a lot lately (or maybe the same amount as they used to do back in the day) but no good updates come to make us go forward. Maybe with the new skill next January something will change, maybe everything will stay the same.

The change for a community of friends that play together is a good move for us to make and I for sure am not leaving.
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What a journey its been. To Jordan and the rest of the staff over the years.. thank you! Surreal has always been a special place for me and I know in the last couple years I hadnt been around that much but I always knew that Surreal would be here when i came back. I would then be welcomed with open arms.

To everyone who has come and gone.. thank you for making my RS experience great and it has been a real honor to be a part of this community for the last 8 years <3
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