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Runescape Name: Kanarsie
Real-life name/nickname: Kanhai
Age: 24
Country: USA
Describe yourself in one word: Flossy

What made you start playing runescape: There was no other game like RuneScape when I started playing online games.

Other games: I’m a PC & PS5 player. I play all sorts of games with interesting stories. My favorite game is Halo. If there are any PC Builders/Gamers , hit me up let’s play some games.

I’m a returning player from the old days of RuneScape. I signed up to play again because of Double XP weekend and I like the new RuneScape with the graphics , bosses and items. I’ve played Elite Dungeon 3 and I tried Matriach today but I could not get the hang of it so I have a lot to learn about bosses. I also like that the quests have cutscenes and are voice-acted. I would like to play with the clan and grow as I explore RuneScape.
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welcome!! Yahoo
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Nice to meet you!
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Welcome to Surreal Biggrin
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Welcome to the club!!
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