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Zaxynx Application - Zaxynx - 2022-07-01

Zaxynx Application

FSID117 | UID 2121

Skill Total Level - 1183
Closest Time Zone - North America
Event Interest - Relaxing,Other

Previous Clan- Unknown

About Zaxynx:
24 year old dude. pretty much mute (no voice chat) 
respectful and accepting of everyone
asks way too many questions because I want to learn things about the game smile
ambitions to keep steady progression 
super active Biggrin
night owl sometimes... insomnia is a bitch 

RE: Zaxynx Application - Lady Spyra - 2022-07-02

Just posting this here so others know, I spoke with Mike earlier and let him know I'd like for him to guest for a few more days. He doesn't mind smile

Zaxynx Application - Lady Spyra - 2022-07-04