Surreal's Future

What a ride it has been, enjoyed every minute of it, even though my scaping career has come to and end. ill still be around here!
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Very late to the new here, but I just wanted to thank everyone who had been a part of my time here at Surreal. I had been a part of an amazing skill clan way back in Serenity, then went to The Others, and finally landed here in Surreal. I loved being a part of the community here and it's unfortunate to see RS3 go the way it went. I played some in OSRS, but without the people to play with the motivation for me only goes so far. Surreal was always ran by some of the best leaders I've been with and I thank everyone for all of their commitment to keeping it one of the best.

I doubt anyone will really remember me much, as it's been some years, but I do drop by every now and then just to check on how it's going here smile
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