Archaeology - What does Surreal think?

The skill has now been out for over 24 hours, so what do we all think?

Personally I am really enjoying it. I love the fact that it is taking people a long time to level up just because this skill is so expansive and there are so many different aspects to it. I am having loads of fun and I am already planning on getting that untrimmed cape on the ironman Biggrin

Side note-
If anyone uses Alt1 toolkit... Someone made an afkWarden code to trigger an 'alarm' when the Time Sprite moves.
{"name":"Arch","baseName":"empty","alerters":[{"lines":[{"percent":100,"text":"The time sprite has moved to another location"}],"colors":[[127,169,255],[255,255,255]],"resetonactive":true,"name":"chat","globalalarm":true,"alarm":null,"voice":null,"tooltip":"WAKE THE HECK UP","exportbar":true,"type":"chat"}]}
[Image: pmRHyWO.png]
[Image: user1-dark.png][Image: user1-dark.png]
Feel free to contact me any time about anything Biggrin <3 
I was sceptical about this release. I don't think dungeoneering is a skill. And invention although it is neat, isn't a favourite.

However, i've enjoyed this so far. Seems like a real good skill. Looking forward too seeing what else it brings.
All your skilling pets belong to me!
Even though it's been 24 hours I think I still need more time to analyze.

I am enjoying so far how step-by-step it is. It doesn't seem like there is a "grind" method right now and you just need to keep finding parts and finishing collections. I think my issue might come if I have to just collect parts to fix them and get a small amount of chromenotes or whatever the currency is for them or farm research trips so that I can afk it.
I find myself "wanting to complain" that you don't get enough materials for all of your artifacts, but then I realize that is purposely there to make the cost of materials a decent price for players who wish to make money. Honestly it's a very well thought out skill, and I appreciate that Jagex created it the way they did (very amazing job). The areas look great, the mysteries are fun to solve, a lot of people are gathered together training so it encourages conversation. I think my favourite part so far is collecting things and handing them to a collector - I love collecting things myself so that made me happy.
I really do like it so far, it's got more depth than most RS skills. There are areas to explore, and many items / mysteries have good stories behind them which takes away from the feeling of mindlessness that most skills have. To me it feels like they implemented aspects from all sorts of parts of the game and brought it into one skill.

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