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This is an excellent guide. I want to explore this skill on my own but through it I gained understanding that completing collections is a nice goal to build towards. Thanks a bunch. Will definitely refer to it when I'm stuck hehe.

Edit: WHOA did not realize there's so much more to this skill with those other things you've posted.
I have updated the guide to include the Orthen Digsite's Collections (60 total collections now). I will be working on the Mysteries and Research Section for Orthen later tonight!
Orthen Research:

Let Sleeping Kin Lie: Study the "Hibernation Pods" in the "Nodon Hibernatorium."
--(Requires: 70 Archaeology; Desperate Measure's Quest Completion)(Rewards: 7,666 Archaeology Experience, and 50 Orthenglass).

Incomplete Portal Network 1: Activate the Orthen Teleportation Device at the "Crypt of Varanaus."
--(Requires: 90 Archaeology)(Rewards: 1,666 Archaeology Experience, 3,000 Divination Experience, Ability to charge the second Teleportation Device at the Observation Outpost).

Incomplete Portal Network 2: Activate the Orthen Teleportation Device at the "Observation Outpost" (Requires 20 Ancient Vis (unnoted)).
--(Requires: 90 Archaeology, 70 Runecrafting)(Rewards: 3,333 Archaeology Experience, 3,000 Runecrafting Experience, Ability to charge the third Teleportation Device at the Moksha Ritual Site).

Incomplete Portal Network 3: Activate the Orthen Teleportation Device at the Moksha Ritual Site (Requires 20 Orthenglass (Unnoted)).
--(Requires: 90 Archaeology, 70 Crafting)(Rewards: 5,000 Archaeology Experience, 3,000 Crafting Experience, Ability to charge the Orthen Teleportation Device at Xolo City).
----(To activate the Xolo City Teleportation you Require 20 Quintessence (Unnoted) and 70 Divination --- Rewards 3,000 Divination Experience).

Breath of Fire: Study the "Funeral Pyre" in the centre of the main area of the "Crypt of Varanaus."
--(Requires: 99 Archaeology)(Rewards: 28,750 Archaeology Experience, 1x Death Mask (Damaged)).

Necropsy: Study the "Autopsy Table" inside the ruins of the "Observation Outpost."
--(Requires: 101 Archaeology)(Rewards: 32,582 Archaeology Experience, 1x Dragon Scalpel (Damaged)).

Mind your Head: Study the "Moksha Device" in the "Moksha Ritual Site."
--(Requires: 108 Archaeology)(Rewards: 46,547 Archaeology Experience, 1x Master Control (Damaged)).

Xolo Dorado: Study the "Xolo Temple Pyramid" in "Xolo City."
--(Requires: 120 Archaeology)(Rewards: 76,666 Archaeology Experience, 1x Raksha Idol (Damaged)).

Orthen Mysteries: 

Crypt of Zoology: Obtain the 4 Pages from Excavating in the "Crypt of Varanaus" and speak with Mordaut at the Basecamp.
--(Requires: 90+ Archaeology)(Rewards: 21,500 Archaeology Experience).

Teleport Node On: Activate the 4 Teleport Nodes for the Orthen Digsite (See Research Section for Required Items).
--(Requires: 90 Archaeology, 70 Runecrafting, Crafting, and Divination; Know Thy Measure Mystery completed to access Moksha Ritual Site).
---(Rewards: 35,000 Archaeology Experience, 6,000 Divination Experience, and 3,000 Crafting, and Runecrafting Experience).

Know Thy Measure: Gain Access to the Moksha Ritual Site by Completing the Puzzles as below.
--(Requires: 90 Archaeology; Desperate Measures Quest Completed (Recommended))(Rewards: 39,500 Archaeology Experience, Access to the Moksha Ritual Site).

How to Complete the Mystery:

  • Go to the Observation Outpost and Input Code "3,1,5" into the Dragonkin Pylon (can see what digit each symbol is on by hovering over them!)(It should say it beeped as well)
  • Enter the Next Code "4,1,4" (Beep again)
  • Enter Code "1,6,7" (Symbols should now disappear)
  • Continue the dialogue and click on the strange device that appeared in your inventory and select option 1 "Peer into."
  • Head to the Location of the Moksha Ritual Site (Once you unlock the Research for this Teleportation Device you should return with 20 unnoted Orthenglass to activate the teleporter)
  • Interact with the "Dragonkin Statue" and select "Sha""Cra" "Lith""Kab" in that order which will activate the next set of Symbols to decipher
  • Enter code "5,1,6" (Beep), Enter code "4,1,8" (Beep again) Enter code "5,1,4" (if done correctly the symbols should dissappear and a staircase is now accessible to climb down)
  • Descend the stairs to complete the Mystery (Welcome to Moksha Ritual Site).
Death Watch: Obtain the 4 Pages from the "Observation Outpost" and speak with Mordaut at the Basecamp.
--(Requires: 101+ Archaeology)(Rewards: 39,500 Archaeology Experience).

Free Your Mind: Obtain the 4 Pages from the "Moksha Ritual Site" and speak to Mordaut at the Basecamp.
--(Requires: 106+ Archaeology)(Rewards: 51,500 Archaeology Experience).

Fragmented Memories: Reactivate the Ritual Device in Moksha.
--(Requires: 108 Archaeology, 86 Hunter, and the Know Thy Measure Mystery Completed)(Rewards: 56,500 Archaeology Experience).
---(Items Required: Master Control (Restored Artifact), Singing Bowl (Restored Artifact), Small Fishing Net, and a Rope).

Link to Guide for Mystery ) ------------------ Easier to explain with this!

I am Become Death: Obtain the 4 Pages from "Xolo City" and speak with Mordaut at the Basecamp.
--(Requires: 113+ Archaeology)(Rewards: 67,000 Archaeology Experience).

Mysterious City: Reactivate Xolo City and harness it's power.
--(Requires: 120 Archaeology)(Rewards: 80,000 Archaeology Experience, 150 Additional Power at the Mysterious Monolith at the Archaeology Guild).
---(Required Items: Lingam Stone (Restored), Raksha Idol (Restored), Gold Dish (Restored)).

How to Complete the Mystery:
  • Interact with the Entrance of Xolo City
  • Excavate and Restore a Lingam Stone at the "Moksha Ritual Site"
  • Interact with Xolo City Entrance with the Lingam Stone in inventory (consumes stone and gives access to the city)
  • Excavate a Raksha Idol and Gold Dish from the Level 120 Archaeology Excavation Site
  • Restore both artifacts and return to Xolo City
  • Place the Gold Dish on the top of the Xolo Temple Pyramid in the South of the room
  • Place the Raksha Idol on top of the Xolo Building to the West of the Pyramid (You will see a mysterious power flow into you)
  • Return to the Archaeology Guild to send the power into the Mysterious Monolith (Gain 150 Power and complete the final mystery - Congratulations!)
Extra Information: There is a Completionist Requirement to complete 5 Potion Recipes by Collecting the Fragments at each of the Orthen Excavation Sites - you can actually just buy the recipes off the Grand Exchange to save yourself the headache of really low RNG rates (the recipes aren't that expensive and you'll still complete the Completionist Requirement by learning them).
Senntisten Research:

The Hidden Chamber: Study the "Cathedral Bookcase" found within Azzanadra's Cathedral at the Senntisten Digsite.
 -(Requires 60 Archaeology) (Rewards: 3,333 Archaeology Experience, Funerary Urn of Shadow (Damaged)).

Prime Real Estate: Study the "Market Stall" outside of the Colosseum Gateway at the Senntisten Digsite.
 -(Requires 63 Archaeology) (Rewards: 4,333 Archaeology Experience, Funerary Urn of Ice (Damaged)). 

Complete The Pattern, Solve The Puzzle: Study the "Table" west of the Cathedral (down stairs and along Southern border of area in a small room), Read the Page and talk to Jimmy about the Empty Children Mystery.
 -(Requires: 63 Archaeology) (Rewards: 4,333 Archaeology Experience, "The Message in the Box" Page for the Empty Children Mystery).

Are You Not Entertained?: Study the "Gladiator Bones" in the center of Kerapac's Colosseum (Enter a Non Combat Encounter - with the option to enter).
 -(Requires: 66 Archaeology) (Rewards: 5,333 Archaeology Experience, Funerary Urn of Blood (Damaged)).

Crossing That Bridge: Study the "Scaffolding" North of Jimmy (Must have obtained Inquisitor's Memoirs (Page 5) to begin this Research.
 -(Requires: 67 Archaeology) (Rewards: 5,666 Archaeology Experience, Funerary Urn of Smoke (Damaged)).

Senntisten Mysteries:

Empty Children: Obtain the First Page from digging at the "Marketplace Debris" and the Second Page from digging at the "Gladiator Remains." At the Far Southern End of the Area search a "Table" East of Naressa's House to receive the Third Page, Complete the Research Mission "The Message in the Box" to receive the Fourth Page, Return to the Marketplace Debris and dig until you find the Fifth Page. Finally find some scaffolding in the Southwest Corner of the area and squeeze through it and investigate the notes under the chair in this room to find the final Page and complete the Mystery.
 -(Requires: 63 Archaeology) (Rewards: 7,300 Archaeology Experience).

Night Theatre: Obtain the First and Second Pages from digging at "Cathedral Debris," Third Page is from digging at "Inquisitor Remains," Fourth Page from "Marketplace Debris" The Fifth and Final Page can be gathered from digging at "Citizen Remains" which is unlocked during the Mystery "Secrets of the Inquisition" (See the next mystery to find out how to unlock this Archaeology spot!).
 -(Requires: 67 Archaeology) (Rewards: 7,800 Archaeology Experience).

Secrets of the Inquisition: Obtain Page 1 (Ministry Remains), Page 2 (Cathedral Debris), Page 3 and 4 (Inquisitor Remains). Page 5 (and the Citizen Remains Archaeology Spot) is obtained by doing the following: Restore the 4 Urns from the Senntisten Digsite Spots (Shadow, Ice, Blood, Smoke) and activate a statue in the Digsite with all 4 in your inventory (this will consume them). Talk to Jimmy; Go to the Inquisitor's HQ located in the Northeast of the Digsite, and climb up the stairs. Complete the Drawer Riddle by opening drawers: B, E, M, R, T, V, W. Study the Scaffolding North of Jimmy and complete that Research Mission to unlock the Citizen's Remain Area. Obtain Pages 6 and 7 (Citizen Remains), Obtain Page 8 (Ministry Remains). Interact with the 2 statues in the Cathedral (Tell the one to the North-west "Vincit qui se vincit" and tell the one to the South-East "Oderint dum metuant" Enter the Secret Chamber when asked and speak with Aurelius to receive the Final Page and the Relic for this Digsite! Speak to Jimmy to Complete the Final Mystery!
 -(Requires: 67 Archaeology) (Rewards: 7,800 Archaeology Experience, and the Aurelius Mask Relic).
 Senntisten Collections: (Before you Begin you will obtain 1 of each of the 4 Urns required for the Final Mystery from each Research Mission).

Level 60 (Ministry Remains): (You will need to obtain 3 Funerary Urns of Shadow, and 2 of the Apex Caps and Curse Tablet's)
 --Collection Locations: Outside the Archaeology Guild and by the Bandit Camp in the Desert.
---(Collections: Zarosian 5 - 3/6; Religious Iconography- 1/4; Imperial Sorcery- 2/8; Urns of the Empire- 1/5).

Level 62 (Cathedral Debris): (You will need to obtain 3 Funerary Urns of Smoke, and 2 of the Hand of the Ancients and Infula Robes).
 --Collection Locations: Outside the Archaeology Guild and by the Bandit Camp in the Desert.
---(Collections: Zarosian 5- 6/6 (COLLECTION COMPLETE) ; Religious Iconography- 2/4; Imperial Sorcery- 3/8; Urns of the Empire- 2/5).

Level 63 (Marketplace Debris): (You will need to obtain 3 Funerary Urns of Ice, and 2 of the Decorative Amphora and Loarnab Rods).
 --Collection Locations: Outside the Archaeology Guild and by the Bandit Camp in the Desert.
---(Collections: Zarosian 6- 3/6; Religious Iconography- 3/4; Entertaining the Masses- 1/4; Urns of the Empire- 3/5).

Level 64 Inquisitor's Remains): (You will need to obtain 2 of the Inquisitor's Seals, Inquisitor's Ceremonial Armour, and Inquisitor's Ceremonial Masks).
 --Collection Locations: Outside the Archaeology Guild and by the Bandit Camp in the Desert.
---(Collections: Zarosian 6 - 6/6 (COLLECTION COMPLETED) ; Finery of the Inquisition- 3/3 (COLLECTION COMPLETED)).

Level 66 (Gladiator's Remains): (You will need to obtain 3 Funerary Urns of Blood, and 2 of the Gladiator Helmets and Gladiator Swords).
 --Collection Locations: Outside the Archaeology Guild and by the Bandit Camp in the Desert.
---(Collections: Zarosian 7- 3/6; Entertaining the Masses- 3/4; Urns of the Empire- 4/5).

Level 67 (Citizen's Remains): (You will need to obtain 2 Funerary Urns of Miasma, Model Chariots, and "The Serpent's Fall" Carvings).
 --Collection Locations: Outside the Archaeology Guild and by the Bandit Camp in the Desert.
---(Collections: Zarosian 7- 6/6 (COLLECTION COMPLETE); Religious Iconography- 4/4 (COLLECTION COMPLETED); Entertaining the Masses- 4/4 (COLLECTION COMPLETED); Urns of the Empire- 5/5 (COLLECTION COMPLETED)).
Guide is now fully up to date, I decided to separate the new digsite from the prior section of guide to make it easier to gather just what's needed from it specifically. There is one collection that requires items from Kharid-Et also but I instead added those items into the previous section under the new collection "Imperial Sorcery." I hope it continues to help you all!

The total number of collections is now 77 (if my count is correct).

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