Money making method she found

So I think it would be unfair to not share this with everyone because I have made so much doing it.......
The only requirements are level 20 Invention and level 5 Archaeology

If you go to the Venator remains in Kharid-et you can dissassemble both artifacts for both Historic and Classic components these can both be made into crates using padded and protective parts (a good way to get padded parts is dissassembling battlestaffs)

All you have to do is restore the artifacts and then dissassemble them. To make the crates is go to the invention guild and select the material crates option......

A crate of 100 Classic components sells on the GE atm for 3M
A crate of 1000 Historic components sells on the GE atm for 6M

Because you make all the money back and then some I recommend buying 5000 Third age iron and 5000 Zarosian insignia's (I think its like 15M max for both)

Id also like to point out that crates of 1000 Classic components have a GE price of 263M! It would be nice however I tried to sell one for 100M for a week and it never sold Sad 

I have no idea how long this will work for and if anyone needs help hit me up in the cc or pm me.... enjoy <3
Amazing. Thank you for this!!!

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