Construction Contracts - My Method

Hey everyone! Since a Construction SWC came up, and Construction Contracts are a new method of training I figured this would be the perfect time to make a quick guide showing how I personally do the training method! Although the experience per hour is slower than the standard training method for the skill there are some great benefits: The Method is more AFK friendly, cheaper, and unlocks the Master Constructor's Outfit and is also required for a Completionist Requirement (Fully Upgrade a plank box). Anyways, without further ado this is how I personally do this training method!

-Use a Pack Yak to have enough inventory per contract! (Only contract I've run into that you will have to re bank for is the Lumbridge Church when almost everything that needs to be built requires candles).
(If you are unable to use a Pack Yak that's fine, you'll just have to re bank to gather items you're missing - not a huge deal just a little extra time).

-Set a Bank Preset to contain the following items in your yak: 24 Mahogany Planks, 4 Steel Bars, and 2 Adamantite Bars.

-Within the same Bank Preset your inventory should contain: Nails (Steel+ only), Attuned Crystal Teleport (Quick access to rebank and go to Estate Agent - Ithell Clan), Passage of the Abyss (filled with Draynor teleport charges), 15 Mahogany Planks, 4 Bolt of Cloth, 4 Candles, Your construction Contract and your Plank Box (Once owned).

The Method: 

  • Teleport to Ithell Clan bank and use Bank Preset to be ready for contract
  • Run to estate agent located slightly to the East and select the "Contracts" option and ask for a new Contract (You can click the contract in your inventory to bring up a separate interface that shows what to build and where)
  • Teleport to the Location (All located within Lumbridge, Varrock, Edgeville and Draynor Village)
  • Build the required items (Highest tier gives the most experience per completed contract)
  • When the contract is Completed repeat the steps above
(Each completed highest Tier contract awards 5 Contract Credits - The Master Constructor's Outfit requires 250 Points per piece for a total of 1,250 Credits - The Plank Box requires 500 Credits to upgrade fully).

Contracts per hour estimate based on my tests: 18-20.

I would recommend purchasing the first Plank Box (50 Credits) and then save up until you can afford the full Master Constructor's Outfit as it is extremely beneficial for Construction training (Speeds up process of building Contract items / Teleports directly to Contract locations / Automatically removes Built items in POH).

Method after Master Constructor's Outfit Unlocked: 
  • Teleport to Ithell Clan Bank and use your Bank Preset (Can replace your Passage of the Abyss with an extra candle if you like)
  • Run to the Estate Agent and get a new Contract
  • Choose the quick teleport option for your Master Constructor's Outfit to take you to your current contract location (Located on the head slot)
  • Build required Items
  • Repeat
Contracts per hour estimated based on my tests: 25-28.

Quick Tips: 
  • Purchase white candles in Catherby (Much cheaper than Grand Exchange)
  • Purchase Bolt of Cloth near the Ithell Estate Agent (Much cheaper as well)
  • All the Contracts in Draynor have the potential to request you to build a Bench. When you get a Draynor contract immediately look if you have a Bench request since they're located outside the buildings people sometimes get confused as to where they are)
  • Don't forget to refill your Plank Box if it gets low!
This guide looks super helpful Biggrin As someone who has yet to dabble in this update, I will definitely utilize this guide when I do! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this up for us Brin Wub this is, as always, another awesome guide of yours! Biggrin
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Thanks for the very informative guide! It is quite helpful...
Nice. This is what I've been doing. It is kind of a process but honestly I enjoy it more so than building in my home. Hoping I can get the elite constructors outfit and then quickly finish in my house since I only have a few levels left.
Awesome Brian, best of luck! I like contracts for a change of pace while training!
Thanks for the helpful guide, brin! It has helped me tweak my setup for maximum efficiency Biggrin
Great to hear Rich! I'm happy to help!
Thank you so much for this guide.. I'll definitely be using it for the ironman account Biggrin
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[Image: user1-dark.png][Image: user1-dark.png]
Feel free to contact me any time about anything Biggrin <3 

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