[Accepted] 784 Application


784 Application

FSID109 | UID 620

Skill Total Level - 2818
Closest Time Zone - Europe
Event Interest - Skilling Competitions,Relaxing,PvM / Bossing,Minigames

Previous Clan- Surreal

About 784:
I was in Surreal from about 2013 until I stopped playing in maybe 2015.

I always enjoyed being in clans mainly just to share knowledge and give advice.

I'm mainly a solo player, I like really group activities but I also like being able to log on/off at any time. So I don't generally focus my goals on group content.

Maxed and comped my RS3 account as a Surreal member, then stopped playing in maybe 2015-2016. Played some OSRS over the last couple of years, got Diary cape, Quest cape, 2200 total and Infernal cape on there, if that means much to RS3 players!

I came back to RS3 recently, started playing my old iron account that I started back when ironmode was pretty new. Now thinking I'll probably re-max my main before thinking about iron. Maybe even re-comp, or just get max total again with these new 120s, not sure how annoying the more recent comp reqs are.
Application Accepted
Welcome to Surreal

Congratulations! Let's get you started.

Guest in our Clan Chat 'Surreal' so an available staff member (indicated by any key symbol) can get you ranked.


Surreal tracks clan activity using a tool we like to call HUB. Clicking this allows you to easily view your personalised member dashboard, including your event attendance history, and information on our upcoming events and competitions.

[Image: bP0v.png]

If you have any questions or issues with HUB, please let a staff member know!

We're on Discord!

Surreal is available on Discord for all Guests and Members. Many use this app to chat with each other or even use voice chat during events. We also have our own custom made bot to help make your time here even better!

Join Surreal's Discord

General Tips

There are a few things we thought you should know before you embark on your new journey at Surreal. In order to contribute and build the community up, we'd love it if you could do your part and follow these simple tips:

Attendance & Participation

We have no formal activity requirement in place, but we love it when our members want to be involved in Surreal. This includes capping at the citadel, posting on the forums, attending an official in-game event or participating in a Skill Week competition.

Follow the Rules

Follow our simple community rules and treat other members with respect.

Don't be shy!

Have a chat, and most importantly, have fun!

Surviving Surreal - A Guide
[Image: GpJL.png]

[Image: GVO3.png]
Welcome back!!
[Image: pmRHyWO.png]
[Image: user1-dark.png][Image: user1-dark.png]
Feel free to contact me any time about anything Biggrin <3 

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