Bakriminel Bolt Daily

Bakriminel Bolt Daily


Bakriminel Bolts are a great daily task to make money. Typically this run takes me about 30 minutes to cut and fletch the bolts, yielding around 5m profit. If you have all the top items, perks, and buffs you can expect to make up to 10m on a lucky day.

It's super important to remember you can only move away from the tree once you have fletched the logs fully into bolts.

If you leave the tree with logs, or shafts, they will disintegrate

You will need some Bakriminel Bolt Tips. These can be purchased from Mami Rimba who can be found north of Edgeville Monastery. You'll want a few thousand per run, usually I take around 5k with me.


There are 8 trees dotted around Gielinor. 3 are located in the wilderness, typically these trees yield a lot more logs and are definitely worth while doing in my opinion.

- South of the Pirates' Hideout (Level 50 wilderness)
- North east of the Demonic Ruins (Level 45 wilderness)
- Chaos Temple (Level 15 wilderness)
- Manor Farm (Requires 225,000 farming reputation)
- Soul Wars Lobby (Nomad's Requiem)
- Ritual Plateau (Ritual of the Mahjarrat)
- Darkmeyer Arboretum (Branches of Darkmeyer)
- Gorajo Resource Dungeon (Plague's End and 95 Dungeoneering)


It isn't required to have all of these items, but the more of them you do the better you yield.

You MUST have Bakriminel Bolt Tips with you. Without them you won't be able to fletch the bolts and then when you leave the tree your logs/shafts will disintegrate

Use the best hatchet you can, ideally augmented with Refined 4 and Honed 6. These 2 perks make the biggest improvement to your yield.

[Image: rs2client_BuuT7J1qT0.png]

1. Bakriminel Bolt Tips
2. Ring of Respawn (Teleport to Soul Wars), substitute with Slayer Skillcape, or just use Edgeville lodestone
3. Drakan's medallion (Teleport to Darkmeyer)
4. Portable Fairy Ring (Teleport to Glacor cave)
5. Attuned Crystal Teleport Seed (Teleport to Meilyr District)
6. Wilderness Sword 4 (Only used for wildy trees)
7. Beaver pouch (+2 woodcutting boost)
8. Legendary Lumberjack Aura
9. Fletching Skillcape
10. Ring of Whispers
11. Crystal Hatchet
12. Natures Sentinel Outfit

I've a few extra items on but haven't listed them because they don't help to increase your yield.

Let's Go

1. Teleport to Manor Farm
2. Summon your beaver, activate lumberjack, and start cutting. Remember to fletch and tip your bolts before moving onto the next tree
3. Teleport to Soul Wars (Option 4 on the Ring of Respawn, Option 3 on Slayer Skillcape, or use Edgeville Lodestone and run south)
4. Teleport to the Glacor Cave (Fairy Ring code DKQ), run north through the exit and head west
5. Teleport to Darkmeyer (Option 4 on Drakan's Medallion). Run to the east side of the tree to avoid luring any vampires over.
6. Teleport to the Meilyr district, Prifddinas (Option 9 on the Attuned Crystal Teleport Seed), or run north east from the lodestone. The dungeon entrance is north of the Meilyr Herald, next to Wythien. Head to the north of the dungeon.

Onto the Wilderness

Next up we're heading to the wilderness so bank anything you don't wish to lose. For me I take 5k bolt tips, ring of whispers, wilderness sword, sentinel outfit, fletching skillcape, and crystal hatchet. Make sure to keep the Protect Item prayer active the whole time, or you'll risk your hatchet. Be sure to check the death screen to double check what you're risking.

1. Teleport to the wilderness agility course (Option 1, then 5 on the Wilderness Sword 4). Run east
2. Once you've depleted this tree head north east towards the Mage Arena. Slash the two webs, pull the lever and bank your bolts
3. Teleport to the wilderness herb patch (Option 1, then 1 on the Wilderness Sword 4). Run south west to the obelisk, right click for choose destination and head to level 50 (Option 6)
4. From the level 50 obelisk run east following the wall, through the gate and west a little
5. Head back to the obelisk you used last, this time teleport to level 18 (Option 2)
6. Head south east into the circle of lava/chaos temple
7. Get out of the wildy!
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Good guide!
Thanks for this guide! I always for get about this money making task...
Thanks for the guide Wade it looks wonderful!
Wowzaaa!! Beautiful guide Wadey! Thanks so much for putting it together for us! Give_heart
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