R2V1H3 Application


R2V1H3 Application

FSID116 | UID 2122

Skill Total Level - 1379
Closest Time Zone - North America
Event Interest - Skilling Competitions,Relaxing,Fun / Non-RS Related,PvM / Bossing,Minigames,Distractions and Diversions,Other

Previous Clan- Unknown

About R2V1H3:
My name is Richard, Ive been playing RS off and on for a long time, roughly close to 20 years. This is the furthest I've gotten without getting locked out because I forgot my password.

I started a new job a few weeks ago and I've been using RS to help wind me down from the information overload that I'm constantly being immersed in. 

In multiplayer games I tend to fall into a support role, helping with supplies or healing. I play D&D and am the forever dm so it's nice to take up a less daunting role. 

Feel free to ask any questions and it would be cool to join a guild (clan) 
Hey Richard! Thank you for applying to Surreal smile

We ask people to spend some time guesting in our clan chat before becoming ranked with us. It helps us to see if it's a good fit for us and for you; it's not a long drawn out thing, we just like to make sure Surreal is a clan you'll be happy in, and we also like to make sure personalities mesh well. If you aren't sure how to join a clan chat as a guest, reply to this thread or add me in game so you can be guided through it (I will be back on tomorrow). If you already do know how to join a clan chat as a guest, just type in the name Surreal and we'll look forward to meeting you Biggrin And, if all goes well during the guesting phase, I will be happy to process your application smile
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