Leader Promotion!

Leader Promotion

It's official!

Surreal warmly welcomes a new Leader!

It is with great pride in my heart that I officially announce; as of today, November 9th 2022, we celebrate @Aurorae Auri's 5th anniversary in Surreal with a very well-deserved promotion to Leader! Queen Dance4 Yahoo

@Aurorae Auri and @Lady Spyra officially join forces as leaders to manage Surreal on the front-end! Biggrin This means that any final decisions in regards to all parts of the clan will be made together going forward (it was already like this for a good while). I'm particularly excited about this since we work well together, and we share a vision for how we want Surreal to be for our community. @Downfall will continue to manage Surreal on the back-end with forum maintenance, and other technical stuff, as he has always done all along.

Happy 5th Surrealiversary, Brin Give_heart and congratulations on your promotion to Leader! It's such an immense honor to officially lead Surreal with you! Friends

(Note: Brin's rank will be updated in game when @Downfall is available to update it)
Thank you, I greatly appreciate the kind words and look forward to many fun years to come for the Surreal Fam!
Hit the nail on the head with this move. As you said, she's already been regarded as a leader for a long time so the move just makes sense!

Congratulations Brin.

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