Pick your Poison 2012...

Hi Surreal Wub!

New years poison...
It seems like it was so long ago that we finished PYP 2011, and congratulations to Team Saradomin on becoming Skillers of the Year for 2011! I haven't forgotten about your signatures... they're coming this week!

To kick off the new year with a bang, we are starting off PYP 2012! We've addressed many issues that were present in last year's PYP to create a well-rounded, fair and fun competition that you are all sure to enjoy very much smile

Here's a few things that have been fixed in this year's PYP...
  • Revamped sign up system, which you will see very soon...
  • Balancing of members on each team to ensure fairness
  • Reward Banks that give more chances to get bonus points if you're stuck in the mud
  • Cleaner topics that are easier to locate information in
  • Teams now have IRC channels, and pre-organised friends chats
  • XP Boosting has been limited to a fair amount to even things out more

You can view the PYP 2012 forums here for more information.

Staff Promotion
I'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome @Bowlinmaster to the Surreal Staff Team. He's been constantly active within the community, has shown that he really wants to help out and has just become eligible for Senior Member smile Drew's been a great addition to the clan (you all are!), and he has willingly agreed to lend us a helping hand.

Thanks for your time everyone!
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Thanks for the updates, Jordan! Glad to see PYP is kicking off to a good start so far. ^_^

Welcome to the staff team, Drew! Good to have you on board. <3
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I know how much work you have put into PYP Jord and you have done an amazing job on it, you should give yourself a big pat on the back!! can't wait till it starts Biggrin

Welcome to the staff team Drewwycakes Biggrin
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can't wait to see how this works honestly, will be my first time for it as i'm new here, hope its fun!
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cant wait for pyp to start and congrats Drew smile
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Very excited for this, and cool to see all the team names this year (ours is best). Great job with PYP, looks to be a great time!

Also, welcome to the team, Drew! Glad to have you aboard!
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Can't wait what you guys have planned! smile

And congratulations on your promotion Drew!!
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Woot congratulations Drew! Wub Very well deserved IMO.

It looks like PYP 2012 is going to be amazing, seriously thanks for all the effort you put into this Jordan, it looks like it will be so awesome! Wub
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Welcome to the staff Drewww <333333333
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So when do we make Drew run through a mile of hot coals?

Congratulations Drew :>

PYP sounds pretty gud m8.
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