[Guide] Penguin Hide and Seek- All Requirements

Hey this guide is designed to help those of you who have yet to attain all of the requirements for all penguin locations including the ghost penguin. Penguin Hide N' Seek is generally a safe D&D, but be aware that certain penguins require entering deep wilderness so don't bring along anything you're unwilling to lose! We're very fortunate that one of our Clan Leaders "Lady Spyra" takes us to where Penguins have been trapped every week - speeding up the D&D drastically and allowing you to get back to your regular training in an efficient manner.

You can begin doing this D&D Weekly once you have spoken to Larry in the Ardougne zoo (You also speak to Larry once you've completed your penguin run for your choice between coins or experience in a skill of your choice; After Hunt for Red Raktuber quest has been complete speak to Chuck the Polar Bear instead to claim your weekly penguin points).

There are 10 Penguins to spy on before quests become a factor - however be aware that penguins may be in locations that require completion or partial completion of a quest to access. Listed below will be quest requirements that will help you gain more penguin points per week, effectively increasing your experience from the D&D drastically! 10 Penguin Points are available potentially without any quest unlocks - however it's very unlikely you can spot all 10 without any quests complete.
  • Cold War quest - (Makes 5 out of the 10 Penguins give 2 Penguin Points instead of 1) (Increases Penguin Points to 15 available per week).
  • Hunt for Red Raktuber - (An additional Polar Bear found in a well will spawn who is worth 1 Penguin Point) (16 Penguin Points available per week).
  • Desert Treasure - (Unlocks the ring of visibility which is needed to spy on the next unlocked penguin)
  • Some Like it Cold - (Unlocks an invisible ghost penguin which requires either a ring of visibility or Sliske's gift to see into the shadow realm)  (worth 3 points /19 total points per week available)
  • Back to the Freezer - (Each penguin point rewards additional experience from 25x your level up to 40x your level per point)(additional 2 point penguin / 21 total points are now available per week)
  • General's Shadow Miniquest / Ritual of the Mahjarrat / Fate of the Gods - (Speak to Sliske in the Emperial Citadel to unlock the ability to see the penguin without the ring of visibility)

The following quests must be unlocked to spy on certain penguins depending on the week:
  • Cabin Fever - (Unlocks access to Mos Le' Harmless).
  • Death to the Dorgeshuun - (Unlocks access to Dorgesh-Kaan).
  • Lost City - (Unlocks access to Zanaris).
  • Ghosts Ahoy - (Free access to Port Phasmatys / Ectophial for fast access).
The Following quests require partial completion to access the Penguin depending on the week (I would still recommend completing them):
  • The Fremminik Isles - (Until you can access both Neitiznot and Jatiszo).
  • The Fremminik Trials - (Access Miscellenia and Etceteria).
  • The Giant Dwarf - (Access to the Mine Cart in Grand Exchange to Keldagrim).
  • Icthlarin's Little Helper - (Access to Sophanem through the front door).
  • Lunar Diplomacy - (Access to Lunar Island)
  • Monkey Madness - (Access to Ape A'toll / Keep Monkey Gree Gree for Penguin Hunting)
  • Regicide - (Access to the Elven Lands)
  • Mourning's End Part 1 - (Access to Lletya) 
The Following Quests are not required, but will make things easier for you:
  •  Fairy Tale Part 2 - (Access to Fairy Rings for fast travel to certain Penguin locations).
  • Fairy Tale Part 3 - (No Longer Need a Dramen or Lunar Staff to use Fairy Rings).
  • Dealing with Scabaras - (Can create a Enchanted Water Tiara with 50 Runecrafting and Magic that prevents Desert Heat Damage).
  • Crocodile Tears - (Desert Heat no Longer affects you at all).
 Extra Tips:

-The Host will let you know which items are required for each Penguin as well as letting you know when to bank and / or put away items to enter the wilderness for dangerous Penguins. Watch for their instructions during the event - A common call out to look for is the name of a lodestone which simply means teleport here.

-It should be noted that you should follow the Host of the Penguin Event once you are able to after teleporting to the directed location; This makes it easy for the host to keep track of who is attending the event.

-Please be patient while waiting for the host to move to the next Penguin, we in Surreal like to make sure everyone who can access a Penguin location is present and ready to move before moving ourselves.

- The 2 commonly used worlds for Penguins are: World 60 and World 71 - we will meet on one of these two worlds as directed by the Host!

-Penguins generally take place in Surreal every Saturday - Please see the Events section of the Forums to keep up to date with Events!

Achievements Associated with Penguins:

Ultimate Birdwatcher: Cash in 50 Penguin Points at one time.

I C U K G P: Find 12 Penguin spies and the Polar Bear in one week and report your findings.
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