Hey remember that one time I said there'd be a ranged section and then did nothing for a month?
Tadaa! The ranger's guide to the Abyss.

== RANGED ==

Okay so it's pretty cool to drain people's blood to sustain yourself or swing a big-ass sword around to mow everything down in one go.
But have you tried exploding rodents?
No Abyss xp beats the xp that Chinchompas yield. These gains do come at a steep price however, making this method rather costly. Spending one hour in the Abyss using red chinchompas will gain you 630k Ranged xp, which is great, but will also cost you 730 chinchompas, which is less great. At the time of writing using Red Chinchompas will cost you 3,473,340 gp per hour or 5,5 gp/xp. Normal chinchompas are cheaper but slower xp while Mechanised chinchompas are faster but more expensive. XP rates for Mechanised and normal chins may follow at a later date.

- Seers Village Hard task set (required) or Elite task set (recommended). You can find what you need to do for these sets here.
- At least 45 ranged, but 70+ is recommended
- 80 crafting (one time only, can be assisted)
- Completion of the World Wakes quest for Death's Swiftness, requires 85 ranged (recommended)
- Corruption Shot ability (recommended)

- Ranged power armour. Armadyl suffices as it’s non-degradable and gives all the protection you need while improving your damage output.
- Blood Amulet of Fury. You can make this by combining an Amulet of Fury with a Blood Necklace Shard, which requires 80 crafting (assistable).
- Chinchompa's for the main hand weapon. Both Reds and normal Chinchompas work.
- An off-hand weapon such as a crossbow or glaive. Don't forget to bring bolts if you're using an off-hand crossbow!

- Enhanced Excalibur
- One-click teleport for emergencies
- Extreme Sharpshooter Potions if you have access to them, otherwise Extreme ranged/defence potions or even the super variants will do just fine. If you have access to Overloads you can use them, though my personal opinion is that the benefits they have over Extreme Sharpshooters does not outweigh the extra costs you make.
- Equipment Siphons if you’re training Invention, 6 should last you for quite a while.

Like with Melee, you'll lose at least 30k gp per hour to the charges of your Blood Amulet of Fury. Unlike Melee, you'll also lose money to ammunition. As you'll use 730 chinchompa's per hour (using revo++ with no manual interference) the minimum cost in ammunition is 881k/h when using normal chinchompas, 3,4m/h using reds, and 5,3m/h when using mechanised chinchompas.
Added optional costs:
-Training invention, as this will cost you divine charges and equipment siphons.
-Using degrading armour such as Pernix and degrading weapon offhands such as the off-hand Shadow Glaive.

How does it work?
Ranged in the Abyss is a lot like Melee, except this time you're blowing stuff up. Before heading out, there’s two things you want to make sure. First: your combat mode has to be on Revolution; make sure it will also automatically use Ultimate and Threshold abilities for you.
Second: you want to make sure that you have your ability bar set up right.
It should look something like this.
[Image: O7vD7TK.png]
Death's Swiftness and Corruption shot are great and you should be using them as often as you possibly can. The order for the rest of your abilities isn't as important, feel free to set up your own bar if you feel that works better for you!

Got your bar done? Great, time to head to the Abyss for those afk gains.
You'll be using the same spots specified in the melee and magic guides. Dunk your pots if you brought any and behold the explosive rodent bonanza unfolding before you. Just make sure you reactivate your aggro every 10 minutes, and should you get low on hp activating excalibur will get you back on your feet. Be mindful of its 5 minute cooldown though!
That's all there's to it (as long as you've read the general warnings Becca and I have been issuing earlier in this topic, that is). Enjoy the ranged/defense xp to your heart's content!
Or until you're out of ammo, whichever one of the two happens first.
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