Experience Boosting Set

(2018-07-15 08:48:21)Beccah Wrote:  The urn enhancer is something you make with invention. It permanently gives you more XP per urn as long as you carry it. Here’s the wiki: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Urn_enhancer

Quest Item... GAH!!!   (http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Nomad%27s_Elegy)
(2018-07-15 11:29:44)Kniight Lost Wrote:  If you only going to 99's you won't be missing much xp but if you plan on doing 120's/200m's they are pretty much required because of the amount of either money or time you save.

That being said, I use mine all the time, I'm only missing the elite wc and hunter ones. Also remember that you can get some xp boosting outfits from minigames, like rc, wc, hunter, construction and fishing.

I have the Elite WC & Hunter ones (thanks to Keys).  I have all the ones that are make-able from fragments. I even have all but 1 pair of gloves for the elite Dung set.

I do like the teleports that some of the sets have and the daily freebies from the modified ones are nice. Too bad more don't have those options.

I have all my 99s, and am not totally stressing the 120s yet. It took over 7 years to get the Maxed cape, lol.

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