Completionist Guide

Hey! I'm currently working on a spreadsheet that will encompass as much of the game as I possibly can fit to help people organize their accomplishments and track their next steps within this massive video game. I figured I would put a more compacted version of that spreadsheet in regular text format as the spreadsheet is a long way from completion! I hope this order will help you in some manner. I made a similar post to this that included a efficient quest order, but this guide will also include achievements required for Master quest cape, completionist and trimmed completionist capes. (some achievements take minutes while others can take months). After Making a new account this is the order I would recommend to complete things (Achievements are in red and can be copied to your personal goal log and turned to a different colour to show that you've completed that achievement). I may eventually make an account and follow the guide adding in when I started specific longer tasks. Best of luck!

Extra Notes- Starting Player Owned Farm / ranch and Ports ASAP could seriously help you down the line
- Chompy Bird Kills, Fish Flingers, Statues (Dahmaroc and Rhian), champion scrolls and court cases are good to make into mini grinds in between achievements so that you're not left doing them at the end.

[*](Start doing Fish Flingers for Champion Tacklebox) (Trim 1/71)
[*]Sheep Shearer + Fred's Shearings Achievement (Trim 2/71) (MQC 1-2/212)
[*]Impressing the Locals
[*]Flag Fall (Miniquest)(Comp 1/80)(MQC 3/212)
[*]Blood Pact + Work for Idol Hands Achievement (MQC 4/212)
[*]Level 30 Magic (Using Caitlin's staff from Blood Pact on Trolls in Burthorpe)
[*]Dwarf Cannon (until you have to go to the Mountain - stop at this point and move on)
[*]Challenging Chat (MQC 5/212)
[*]Druidic Ritual
[*]Jungle Potion
[*]Restless Ghost + Aereck's Old Bones Achievement (MQC 6/212)
[*]Missing, Presumed Death
[*]Recruitment Drive
[*]Once Upon a Slime (Claim Top Hat Override from Eva in Varrock)
[*]Swept Away
[*]Witch's Potion (Miniquest)(Trim 3/71)(MQC 7/212)
[*]Plague City
[*]Observatory + Unholy Crafting Achievement (MQC 8/212)
[*]Monk's Friend
[*]Clock Tower
[*]Hazeel Cult
[*]Murder Mystery
[*]Death of Chivalry + Get the Hidden Runes + Chivalry is Threads Achievement (MQC 9/212)
[*]Shadow Over Ashdale + Shadow Hanging Over Me Achievement (MQC 10/212)
[*]Shield of Arrav
[*]Stolen Hearts
[*]Diamond in the Rough
[*]Advanced Sweeping - Apprentice (Trim 4/71)(MQC 11/212)
[*]Jack of Spades
[*]Imp Catcher
[*]Merlin's Crystal
[*]Gower + Tasty Bobbles Achievement (MQC 12/212)
[*]Holy Grail
[*]Tree Gnome Village
[*]Priest in Peril
[*](Start doing God Statues D&D)
[*]Barcrawl (Miniquest)
[*]Scorpion Catcher
[*](Finish the Dwarf Cannon Quest you Stopped Earlier)
[*]Song from the Depths
[*]Gunnar's Ground
[*]Stay Safe + Secure Achievements (Comp 2-3/80)(MQC 13-14/212)
[*]Nature's Spirit
[*]Making History + Complete History of Droalak Achievement (MQC 15/212)
[*]Broken Home + Challenge Maria (not the chests) + Maria you Gotta See Her Achievements (Trim 5/71)
[*]Abyss (Miniquest)(Comp 4/80)(MQC 16/212)
[*]Rune Mysteries
[*]Rune Memories
[*]Lumbridge Beginner Tasks
[*]Witch's House
[*]Call of the Ancestors + Goebie Relics Achievement (MQC 17/212)
[*]Vampyre Slayer
[*]Buyers and Cellars
[*]Myths of the Whitelands + Caving into the Gains (Coins) Achievement (MQC 18/212)
[*](Complete your first Statue of Dahmaroc)(Complete Weekly until Trim Req Complete)(Trim 6/71)
[*]Cook's Assistant + Cook's Delight Achievement (MQC 19/212)
[*]Death Plateau + Supply and Demand Achievement (MQC 20/212)
[*]Meeting History + Enchanted Key (Miniquest) (Trim 7/71)(MQC 21/212)
[*]Demon Slayer + Claim Rewards from Historian Minas in Varrock Museum
[*]Wolf Whistle
[*]Let Them Eat Pie
[*]One Piercing Note + Cecelia I'm Begging You, Please... Achievement (MQC 22/212)
[*]Goblin Diplomacy
[*]Dimension of Disaster: Coin of the Realm
[*]DoD: Shield of Arrav
[*]Fight Arena
[*]Tribal Totem
[*]From Tiny Acorns (Miniquest)
[*]Kudos to You - Clean All Museum Finds Achievement (Comp 5/80)(MQC 23/212)
[*]Golem + Loot Demon Throne Achievement (MQC 24/212)
[*]Wilderness Easy Tasks
[*]I Dig This Transportation Achievement (MQC 25/212)
[*]Fishing Contest
[*]Knight's Sword (Claim XP Reward from Squire) (MQC 26/212)
[*]Elemental Workshop 1 - 3
[*]Caving into the Gains (Crafting) Achievement
[*]Tourist Trap
[*]Grand Tree
[*]Mountain Daughter
[*]In Search of the Myreque
[*]Shadow of the Storm
[*]RFD: Cook
[*]RFD: Goblin Generals
[*]Chivalry is Fed Achievement (MQC 27/212)
[*]What's Mine is Yours + Doric's Task 1 (Comp 6/80) (MQC 28/212)
[*]Creature of Fenkenstrein + Doric's Task 2
[*]A Soul's Bane + Doric's Task 3
[*]Shilo Village + Doric's Task 4
[*]Boric's Task 1
[*]Tale of the Muspah + Naturally Muspah Achievement (MQC 29/212)
[*]Advanced Sweeping - Ali the Hag
[*]Giant Dwarf + Explore for Nestor Achievement (MQC 30/212)
[*]Troll Stronghold
[*]The Feud
[*]Violet is Blue
[*]Horror from the Deep
[*]Shades of Mort'ton + Herbi's Flax Achievement (MQC 31/212)
[*]In Aid of the Myreque + Many Shades of a Cure Achievement (MQC 32/212)
[*]One Small Favour
[*](Start Doing Soul Reaper Dailies + working on Boss Kills for War's Retreat when you can)(Comp 7/80)(Trim 8/71)
[*]Darkness of Hallowvale
[*]Tower of Life
[*]Falador Easy Tasks
[*]Gertrude's Cat + Raise a Kitten into a Cat
[*]Purple Cat (Miniquest)(MQC 33/212)
[*]Varrock Easy Tasks
[*]RFD: Dwarf
[*]Mogre (MIniquest) + Milk of Chocolate, Snape of Grass Achievement (Trim 9/71)
[*]Seer's Easy Tasks
[*]Ghost's Ahoy
[*]Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf
[*]RFD: Evil Dave (Can get full quest armour and Vanquish Weapon from Quest Reward Shop)
[*]Chef's Assistant
[*]Evil Dave's Big Day Out
[*]Garden of Tranquility
[*]Morytania Easy Tasks
[*]Enlightened Journey
[*]DoD: Demon Slayer
[*]Ardougne Easy Tasks
[*]Lost Tribe + You Mistag this Brooch Achievement (MQC 34/212)
[*]Death to the Dorgeshuun + Lurgon's Run Achievement (MQC 35/212)
[*]Another Slice of H.A.M.
[*]Fremminik Easy Tasks
[*]Daemonology of Celerity Achievement (MQC 36/212)
[*]Haunted Mine
[*]Quiet Before the Swarm
[*]Rag N' Bone Man
[*]Fur N' Seek
[*]Gunning For Jewelry - Ruby Achievement (MQC 37/212)
[*]RFD: Pirate Pete
[*]Troll Romance
[*]Big Chompy Bird Hunter + Start working on Chompy Kills over time for Trim (Trim 10/71)
[*]Master Bogreman Achievement (MQC 38/212)
[*]Spirits of the Elid
[*]Monkey Madness + Clue's in the Monkey Drool + Daero Take this Experience Achievements (MQC 39-40/212)
[*]Dragon Slayer + Crandoor's Secret Achievement (MQC 41/212)
[*]Lost Her Marbles Miniquest
[*]A Guild of Our Own Miniquest + Count All Light Fingers Achievement (Trim 11/71) (MQC 42/212)
[*]Temple of Ikov
[*]Zogre Flesh Eaters + Brutal Stuffsies Achievement (MQC 43/212)
[*]Eadgar's Ruse
[*]Tai Bwo Wannai Trio + Triple Trouble Achievement (MQC 44/212)
[*]Lumbridge Easy Tasks
[*]My Arm's Big Adventure
[*]Itchlarin's Little Helper + Itchlarin's Little Chest Achievement (MQC 45/212)
[*]Tail of Two Cats
[*]Rogue Trader (Miniquest) + On a Rune High Achievement (Trim 12/71)(MQC 46/212)
[*]Rat Catchers
[*]Eyes of Glouphrie
[*]Around the World - Crafting Guild Balloon Route (Trim 13/71)(MQC 47/212)
[*]Beneath Cursed Tides + Oyster Mash Achievement (Start doing Oyster D&D) (MQC 48/212)
[*]Sea Slug
[*]Land of the Goblins
[*]Chivalry is Dead - Ancient Combat Lamp Achievement (MQC 49/212)
[*]Chosen Commander + Cower Behind the Chosen Commander Achievement (MQC 50/212)
[*]Ernest the Chicken + Any Odd Chicken Achievement (MQC 51/212)
[*]Animal Magnetism
[*]Lost City
[*]Fairy Tale 1
[*]Kudos to You - Museum Quiz
[*]Easy Desert Tasks
[*]Perils of Ice Mountain
[*]Boric Task 2
[*]Watch Tower
[*]Easy Karamja Tasks
[*]Rune Mechanics
[*]Slug Menace
[*]Carnillean's Rising + Claus is Rising Achievement (Comp 8/80) (MQC 52/212)
[*]Heart of Stone + Nano to Kipple Achievement (MQC 53/212)
[*]Keeping up with the Carnilleans - Ardougne Achievement (MQC 54/212)
[*]Cold War
[*]Keeping up with the Carnilleans - Mountain Camp Achievement
[*]Keeping up with the Carnilleans - Shilo Village Achievement
[*]Keeping up with the Carnilleans - Port Phasmatys Achievement
[*]Missing My Mummy + Uzer Master Achievement (MQC 55/212)
[*]Lumbridge Medium Tasks
[*]RFD: Lumbridge Guide
[*]RFD: Ogre
[*]Bringing Home the Bacon
[*]Spirit of Summer
[*]What Lies Below + Hunt for Surok Miniquest
[*]Elemental Workshop 4
[*]Kennith's Concerns
[*]Underground Pass
[*]Hand in the Sand
[*]Around the World- Lumber Yard Balloon Route
[*]Legacy of Seergaze + Bloodstained Treasure Achievement (MQC 56/212)
[*]All Fired Up
[*]Ivan is Flailing Achievement (Trim 14/71)(MQC 57/212)
[*]Enakra's Lament
[*]Eagle's Peak
[*]Azacorax's Rewards Achievement (MQC 58/212)
[*]Summer's End + Summary Spirits - 50 Attack Portal (MQC 59/212)
[*]Rogue Down Achievement (MQC 60/212)
[*]Scribblings in the Depths (50) Achievement (Trim 15/71) (MQC 61/212)
[*]Summary Spirits 50 Prayer Portal / weak portal
[*]Memorial to Guthix Tutorial Complete (Comp 9/80) (MQC 62/212)
[*]Salt in the Wound
[*]Easy Daemonheim Tasks
[*]King's Ransom + Knight Waves Training
[*]Pious Prayers (Comp 10/80)
[*]Start Working on Court Cases (Trim 16/71)(MQC 63/212)
[*]Doric's Task 5
[*]Between a Rock
[*]Summary Spirits 50 Smithing Portal
[*]Falador Medium Tasks
[*]Tears of Guthix
[*]Fremminik Trials + Load of Bakulla Achievement (MQC 64/212)
[*]Keeping up with the Carnilleans - Polypore Dungeon
[*]Fremminik Isles + As Taxed as a Yak Achievement (MQC 65/212)
[*]Hunt for Red Raktuber
[*]A Void Dance
[*]Around the World - Castle Wars Balloon Route
[*]As a First Resort
[*]In Pyre Need
[*]Karamja Medium Tasks
[*]Master Otto + Otto the Ancient + Barbarian Scavenger Achievements (Trim 17-18/71)(MQC 66/212)
[*]Some Like it Cold
[*]Smoking Kills
[*]Lair of Tarn (Miniquest) + Enchant a Salve Amulet (Comp 11/80)(MQC 67/212)
[*]Rum Deal
[*]Pirate's Treasure
[*]Cabin Fever + That'll Teach Bill Achievement (MQC 68/212)
[*]Great Brain Robbery
[*]Seer's Medium Tasks
[*]Throne of Miscellenia
[*]Royal Trouble
[*]Advanced Sweeping - Old Crone
[*]Peachy Bones - 180 Telekinetic (Comp 12/80)
[*]Glorious Memories
[*]I presume these are mine, Death? Barrows Amulets Achievement (MQC 69/212)
[*]Family Crest
[*]RFD: Sir Amik
[*]Dishonour Among Thieves + Dishonourable Loot Achievement (MQC 70/212)
[*]Grodoban's Legacy Achievement (MQC 71/212)
[*]Defender of Varrock + Blinded by Ramarno's Teachings Achievement (MQC 72/212)
[*]DoD: Defender of Varrock
[*]Caving into the Gains (Agility) Achievement
[*]Catapult Construction
[*]Roving Elves
[*]On a Mission from the God's - Combat Missions (MQC 73/212)
[*]Skeletal Wishes (Rag and Bone Man) Achievement (MQC 74/212)
[*]On a Mission from the God's - Exploration Missions
[*]Path of Glouphrie
[*]On a Mission from the God's - Skilling Missions
[*]Summary Spirits (60 Thieving)
[*]Dealing with Scabaras + Scabigail (Trim 19/71) (MQC 75/212)
[*]Chivalry is Dead - Guilded Cabbage Achievement
[*]Haul Comes to Templeton Achievement (MQC 76/212)
[*]Arise from the Ash Achievement (MQC 77/212)
[*]Prisoner of Glouphrie
[*]Buy and Sell some EXP Achievement (MQC 78/212)
[*]Summary Spirits (46 Farming Weak)
[*]Fairy Tale 2
[*]Mixing in Ancient Circles Achievement (MQC 79/212)
[*]Ardougne Medium Tasks
[*]Summary Spirits (50 Farming)
[*]Desert Medium Tasks
[*]Fairy Tale 3 + Ape A'Hollow Achievement (MQC 80/212)
[*]Varrock Medium Tasks
[*]Trials of the Heart (MQC 81/212)
[*]Morytania Medium Tasks
[*]Fremminik Medium Tasks
[*]Desert Treasure + Buying up Ancient Artifacts Achievement (MQC 82/212)
[*]Curse of Zaros (Miniquest) (Comp 13/80)
[*]Sheep Herder
[*]Hopespear's Will (Miniquest)(Comp 14/80)(MQC 83/212)
[*]Mourning's End 1
[*]Keeping up with the Carnillean's - Oldak
[*]Peachy Bones - 180 Graveyard
[*]Mourning's End 2
[*]Reliquary of Cithara Achievement (MQC 84/212)
[*]Tirannwn Easy Tasks
[*]Boric Task 3
[*]Curse of Arrav
[*]DoD: Curse of Arrav
[*]Doric Task 6
[*]Devious Minds + Doric Task 7
[*]Temple at Senntisten + Claiming Azzandra's Heart (MQC 85/212)
[*]Peachy Bones- Enchantment Points
[*]Lunar Diplomacy + Milky Teeth Achievement (MQC 86/212)
[*]Rocking Out + Rusty Rewards Achievement (MQC 87/212)
[*]Around the World - Grand Tree Balloon Route
[*]Lumbridge Hard Tasks + Task Master Progress (Comp 15/80)
[*]Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf
[*]Out into the Ourania Achievement (Comp 16/80) (MQC 88/212)
[*]Hard Fremminik Tasks
[*]Dream Mentor
[*]Ultimate Codex Achievement (MQC 89/212)
[*](Earn your first 3 Champion Scrolls) (Trim 20/71)
[*]Blood Runs Deep
[*]Tales of the Godwars (Miniquest) (Trim 21/71)(MQC 90/212)
[*]Karamja Hard Tasks
[*]Deep and Bloody Experience Achievement (MQC 91/212)
[*]Complete Trekky Achievement (Trim 22/71) (MQC 92/212)
[*]King of the Dwarves
[*]Swan Song
[*]RFD: Awowogei
[*]RFD: Final Boss
[*](Build POH Aquarium)
[*]Do No Evil + Ice Ice Chimpy Achievement (Trim 23/71) (MQC 93/212)
[*]Advanced Sweeping- Baba Yaga
[*]Elder Kiln + Do No Elite Achievement (MQC 94/212)
[*]Kindred Spirits
[*]Needle Skips + Pulling on the Threads Achievement (MQC 95/212)
[*]While Guthix Sleeps + Epi Logue Experience Achievement (MQC 96/212)
[*]Relight my Fire Achievement (MQC 97/212)
[*]One Man's Junk is Mine! Achievement (MQC 98/212)
[*]Love Story
[*]For the Love of Mabel Achievement (MQC 99/212)
[*]Chippy Transport Achievement (MQC 100/212)
[*]The World Wakes
[*]Desert Slayer Dungeon (Miniquest) (Trim 24/71) (MQC 101/212)
[*]Gunning for Jewelry - Dragonstone
[*]Ritual of the Mahjarrat + Rebuild Edgeville (Miniquest) (MQC 102/212)
[*]Bane Tuner Achievement (Comp 17/80) (MQC 103/212)
[*]Back to the Freezer + I Know I was There... Achievement (MQC 104/212)
[*]Daemonheim Medium Tasks
[*]Hero's Welcome
[*]General's Shadow (Miniquest)
[*]Koschei's Troubles + Cache (Miniquest) (MQC 105/212)
[*]Chilling with Arrav Achievement (MQC 106/212)
[*]Mahjarrat Memories (Miniquest) (Comp 18/80) (MQC 107/212)
[*]Guthix and the Chmaber of Secrets + Data Recovery - Aagi (Comp 19/80) (MQC 108/212)
[*]Fate of the Gods + Measure of Old Achievement (MQC 109/212)
[*]Zarosian Memories Achievement (Comp 20/80) (MQC 110/212)
[*]Mazcab Teleport (Trim 25/71)
[*]I Can see for Miles 1-6 (MQC 111/212)
[*]Seren Memories Achievement (Comp 21/80) (MQC 112/212)
[*]Gift from Sliske Achievement (MQC 113/212)
[*]Void Stares Back
[*]Distorted Div Achievement (MQC 114/212)
[*](Conquest Adore Achievement - Boost for it) (Trim 26/71)
[*]Grim Tales
[*]White Knight Rises Achievement (Trim 27/71) (MQC 115/212)
[*]You're Not my Real Mah Achievement (Trim 28/71) (MQC 116/212)
[*]Back to My Roots
[*]Eeeeagle! Achievement (Trim 29/71) (MQC 117/212)
[*]Ardougne Hard Tasks
[*]Returning Clarence (One Foot in the Grave) (Miniquest) (Comp 22/80) (MQC 118/212)
[*]Keeping up with the Carnilleans - Piscatorius Fishing Colony
[*]Branches of Darkmeyer + Vyre Reputation Achievement (MQC 119/212)
[*]Doric Task 8
[*]Summary Spirits (80 Defence weak)
[*]Brink of Extinction + Encountering Tzharr Ga'al Kot Achievement (MQC 120/212)
[*]Morytania Hard Tasks
[*]Firemaker's Curse + Circus of Fire + Jack of the Circus Achievements (Trim 30/71)(MQC 121/212)
[*]I Presume these are mine, Death? Thieving Lamp
[*]Dishonourable Gains (50) Achievement (MQC 122/212)
[*]You Are It! + Trickster's Trinkets Achievement (MQC 123/212)
[*]Desperate Times
[*]Clockwork Syringe
[*]Brother's Gower Achievement (MQC 124/212)
[*]Sentient Letters Achievement (MQC 125/212)
[*]Within the Light
[*]As Clear as a Crystal Seed Achievement (MQC 126/212)
[*]Skeletal Wishes (Fur N' Seek)
[*]Yaktwee's a Charm Achievement (Comp 23/80)
[*]To Thaw a Frozen Heart (60) Achievement (MQC 127/212)
[*]Lord of Vampyrium + Myreque in Memorium Achievement (Comp 24/80) (MQC 128/212)
[*]Lovingly Crafted- Decayed Achievement (MQC 129/212)
[*]Big Chinchompa (score 1,111 Points in a game) (Comp 25/80)
[*]I Presume these are MIne, Death? Antique Lamps Achievement
[*]Wilderness Medium Tasks
[*]I Presume These are Mine, Death? Hp Lamp Achievement
[*]Wilderness Hard Tasks
[*]World Wakes - Ancient Lamps Claimed (Respect the Balance Achievement) (MQC 130/212)
[*]Plague's End + Sing for the Lady Achievement (Comp 26/80) (MQC 131/212)
[*]Rhian in Gold - The Original (Complete Weekly for Trim) (Comp 27/80) (Trim 31/71)
[*](Unlock All Permanent Rewards from Death Assignments) (Trim 32/71)
[*]Scribbling in the Depths
[*]Diaries of the Clans Achievement (Comp 28/80) (MQC 132/212)
[*]One of a Kind + Dusting murial (Addy Dragon Dungeon) (MQC 133/212)
[*]Of the Hefin Title (Elven Titles Progress) (Comp 29/80)
[*]Annihilator Title (Comp 30/80) (MQC 134/212)
[*]Bridge Over Fremmy Waters Achievement (Comp 31/80) (MQC 135/212)
[*]Lovingly Crafted- Festering Achievement
[*]Falador Hard Tasks
[*]Soul Wars Tutorial
[*]Hooded Pirates (Miniquest)
[*]Lost Toys (Miniquest) (Comp 32/80)
[*]Nomad's Requiem
[*]Chivalry is Dead- Ancient Prayer Lamp
[*]Peachy Bones Achievement Complete
[*]Kudos to You - Dragonkin Achievement
[*]Mighty Fall + Bandos's Memories (Comp 33/80) (MQC 136/212)
[*]Nomad's Elegy + Tales of Nomad (Trim 33/71) (MQC 137/212)
[*]Lovingly Crafted - Pestilent / Blasphemous Achievement
[*]Deadliest Catch + Deadlier Catch (Comp 34/80) (MQC 138/212)
[*]Nomad's Mirage (Trim 34/71)
[*]Here was a Scabaras Mask Achievement (MQC 139/212)
[*]Kiln Fighter Achievement (Comp 35/80)
[*]Mysteries of the Tokharr Achievement (MQC 140/212)
[*]Three's a Kiln (MQC 141/212)
[*]Birthright of the Dwarves
[*]Combat Academy Legendary Rank
[*]Are you Needing Access? Achievement (MQC 142/212)
[*]Data Recovery  + Guthix and the Chamber of Secrets - Seren
[*]Learning from Mr. Mordaut Achievement (MQC 143/212)
[*]Kudos to You- Dahmaroc
[*]Experience the Fate of the Gods Achievement (MQC 144/212)
[*]Kudos to you - Historian Minas
[*]Caving into the Gains (Woodcutting) Achievement
[*]Squeal for Coins Achievement (MQC 145/212)
[*]World Wakes - Pale Lamp
[*]The Light Within + Angs off my Ring Achievement (MQC 146/212)
[*]Children of Mah + Death to the Mahjarrat Achievement (MQC 147/212)
[*]Some Old Dusty Journals Achievement (MQC 148/212)
[*]River of Blood + Paint it Red Achievement (MQC 149/212)
[*]Sliske's Endgame
[*]Ornate Crockery Achievement (MQC 150/212)
[*]Tier 3 Menaphos Reputation
[*]Crocodile Tears + Under Croc and Key Achievement (MQC 151/212)
[*]Tier 6 Menaphos Reputation
[*]Our Man in the North
[*]Met Het Yet? (MQC 152/212)
[*]Tier 9 Menaphos Reputation
[*]Phite' Club
[*]I can see for Miles and Miles 7-10
[*]Pieces of Hate
[*]Dusting Murials- Mount Firewake Achievement
[*]Enough of the Crazy Walking (MQC 153/212)
[*](Kill the Penance Queen)
[*]Dishonourable Gains (70)
[*](Penance to the king Achievement)(Trim 35/71)
[*]Benedict's World Tour
[*]Troublesome Crystals (Comp 36/80) (MQC 154/212)
[*]Of the Meilyr Title
[*]Master Fenix : Rank 5 Esteem (Trim 36/71)
[*]To Thaw a Frozen Heart (80)
[*]Azdaran Birthright Statues 1 and 2 (MQC 155/212)
[*]Last of the Summer Swine Achievement (MQC 156/212)
[*]Master Fenix Rank 4
[*] Agile from Head to Toe (Legs unlocked) (Trim 37/71)
[*]Fires are Mostly Harmless - Gu'tanoth Cave (MQC 157/212)
[*]One Final Ride Achievement (MQC 158/212)
[*]Make them Bleed Achievement (Comp 37/80)(MQC 159/212)
[*]Data Recovery + Guthix and the chamber of Secrets- Juna
[*]Azdaran Birthright 3
[*]Long Live the Queen! + Quiet but Deadly Lore (Comp 38/80) (Trim 38/71) (MQC 160/212)
[*]Desert Hard Tasks
[*]Lunar Master (Livid Farm) - South Falador Spell (Comp 39/80)
[*]Menaphos Tier 10 Reputation
[*]Seagullible Achievement (Trim 39/71)
[*]Roake Kal Achievement (MQC 161/212)
[*]Meeting your Idols Achievement (MQC 162/212)
[*]Fire's are Mostly harmless - Mos Le' Harmless
[*]Azdaran Birthright 4
[*]Daemonheim Hard Tasks
[*]Varrock Hard Tasks
[*]Azdaran Birthright 5
[*]Uncorrupted Ore Achievement (Comp 40/80)(MQC 163/212)
[*]Family Spirit Tree Achievement (Comp 41/80) (MQC 164/212)
[*]Tirannwn Medium Tasks
[*]Lunar Master - Repair Pouch Spell
[*]Diary of the Gods Achievement (MQC 165/212)
[*]Lunar Master- North Ardougne Spell
[*]Unlock Ports + Port Life (Comp 42/80)
[*]Lunar Master - Remote Farm Spell
[*]Seer's Hard Tasks
[*]Agile from Head to Toe - Top
[*]Telos if You're Angry 2 (Trim 40/71)
[*]Lunar Master- Spiritualise Food Spell
[*]Gunning for Jewelry - Onyx Achievement
[*]Spiritual Enlightenment (Miniquest)(Comp 43/80)(MQC 166/212)
[*]Ocellus Virius Notes Achievement (MQC 167/212)
[*]Of the Iowerth Title
[*]Data Recovery + Guthix and the Chamber - Edicts
[*]Ancient Eastern Tortle Portals (Comp 44/80)
[*]Head of the Family (Miniquest) (Comp 45/80)(MQC 168/212)
[*]Jed Hunter (Miniquest) (Comp 46/80)(MQC 169/212)
[*]Ferocious Upgrade Achievement (Trim 41/71)
[*]Almost as Perky as a Prawn Achievement (Comp 47/80)
[*]Perky like a Prawn Achievement (Trim 42/71)
[*]Class Crown Achievement (Trim 43/71)
[*]Eye for an Eye (Miniquest)(Comp 48/80)(MQC 170/212)
[*]of the Crwys Title
[*]Dishonourable Gains (90)
[*]Lunar Master - Make Leather Spell
[*]Harbringer (Miniquest)(Comp 49/80)(MQC 171/212)
[*]Tuai Let's Own (Miniquest) (Comp 50/80) (MQC 172/212)
[*]Master Fenix Rank 3
[*]Ghost's From the Past (Miniquest)(Comp 51/80) (MQC 173/212)
[*]Damage Control (Miniquest)(Comp 52/80) (MQC 174/212)
[*]Work on your Artisan 2 Achievement (Trim 44/71)
[*]It Should Have Been Called Aetherium (Comp 53/80)
[*]Final Destination (Miniquest) (Comp 54/80) (MQC 175/212)
[*]Azdaran Birthright 6
[*]Challenge Maria - Lamps (MQC 176/212)
[*]Penny for your Life (MQC 177/212)
[*]Arc Trim Reqs (Salty) (Trim 45-51/71)
[*]Azdaran Birthright 7
[*]I can see for Miles 11-14 + the items
[*]My Adze is Bigger Than Yours (MQC 178/212)
[*]Impressing Char Achievement (Trim 52/71) (MQC 179/212)
[*]Lunar Master: Disruption Shield Spell
[*]Dragonkin Logs (MQC 180/212)
[*]Azdaran Birthright 8
[*]Tirannwn Hard Tasks
[*]Kaiki's Tusks (MQC 181/212)
[*]Advanced Sweeping - Kardia
[*]Of the Traehaern Title
[*]Forcae's Mettle (MQC 182/212)
[*]Of the Ithell Title
[*]Azdaran Birthright 9
[*]Lunar Master - Vengeance Group Spell
[*]Dragon Ink (MQC 183/212)
[*]Lunar Master- Trollheim Teleport Spell
[*]Tactless Analysis (MQC 184/212)
[*]Of the Cadarn Title
[*]Varrock Elite Tasks
[*]Master Fenik Rank 2
[*]Library of Nex (MQC 185/212)
[*]Finish Him! Achievement (Trim 53/71)
[*]Azadaran Birthright 10
[*]Everything is Oresome (Comp 55/80)
[*]Master of Assault (Trim 54/71)
[*]Do a Minion, Take Notes (MQC 186/212)
[*]Desert Elite Tasks
[*]Miscellanious Notes (MQC 187/212)
[*]Potion for a Lady (Comp 56/80)(MQC 188/212)
[*]Data Recovery + Guthix and the Chamber- Cres
[*]Memorialized more than Once (Trim 55/71)
[*]I'm Forever Washing Shadows (Comp 57/80) (MQC 189/212)
[*]Power of Three Spirits (MQC 190/212)
[*]Lunar Master- Telegroup Trollheim Spell
[*]Seer's Elite Tasks
[*]Lock, Stock and Barrel Achievement (Trim 56/71)
[*]Bipedal Mask (Comp 58/80)
[*]Ardougne Elite Tasks
[*]Wilderness Elite Tasks
[*]Imping Around (Comp 59/80)
[*]Lunar Master- Borrowed Power Spell
[*]To the Bone Achievement (Trim 57/71)
[*]Don't Fear the Ripper (MQC 191/212)
[*]Karamja Elite Tasks
[*]Let us Give Ugthanks (MQC 192/212)
[*]Falador Elite Tasks
[*]Behemoth Notes (MQC 193/212)
[*]Tirranwn Elite Tasks
[*]Upgrading + Unlocking Waiko (Comp 60-61/80)
[*]The History of Slayer (Start)(MQC 194/212)
[*]Famous Achievement (Comp 62/80)
[*]Slayer Master Achievement (Comp 63/80)
[*]To be a Master (Start) (Trim 58/71)
[*]Potion Mixer Master (Comp 64/80)
[*]Fremminik Elite Tasks
[*]Diary of Oreb (MQC 195/212)
[*]Morytania Elite Tasks
[*]Stalker Notes (MQC 196/212)
[*]The Book of Elei (MQC 197/212)
[*]Heal, Quickly (Comp 65/80)
[*]Master Fenix Rank 1
[*]Scribblings of a Dragonkin (MQC 198/212)
[*]Daemonheim Elite Tasks
[*]Stealing Sedridor's Stones (MQC 199/212)
[*]Hard as Daemons (Trim 59/71)
[*]120 Dungeoneering
[*]History of Bilrach (MQC 200/212)
[*]Kal'gerion Commander (Trim 60/71)
[*]Scrolling with Power (Trim 61/71)
[*]Invention Gives Me the Blues (Comp 66/80)
[*]120 Invention
[*]The Many Hands that Write (MQC 201/212)
[*]To be a Master (complete)
[*]Special Slayer Delivery (Trim 62/71)
[*]120 Slayer
[*]History of Slayer
[*]Music Maestro (Comp 67/80)
[*]Bag of Herbs (Comp 68/80)
[*]Top Town Hall (Comp 69/80)
[*]Master Builder (Trim 63/71)
[*]Jurassic Perk (Trim 64/71)
[*]Stacks on Stacks (Comp 70/80)
[*](Get Bladed Dive if not already owned)
[*]Dinosaur Hunter (Comp 71/80)
[*]Bean There Done That + Got the Postcard (Comp 72-73/80)
[*]Player Owned Farm and Ranch Breeding Logs Complete (Trim 65-66/71)
[*]120 Farming
[*]Advanced Potion Mixer Master (Comp 74/80)
[*]120 Herblore (Master Skiller) (Comp 75/80)
[*]Walking the Reef (Comp 76/80)
[*]Trip to the East (Comp 77/80)
[*]Eastern Explorer (Trim 67/71)
[*]Eastern Adventurer (Trim 68/71) (MQC 202/212)
[*]Shadows Below (Trim 69/71)
[*]Meta-Phos (Sandy) (Trim 70/71)
[*]Father and Son (Miniquest) (Comp 78/80)
[*]Helping Lanikea (Miniquest) (Comp 79/80)
[*]A New Direction (MQC 205/212)
[*]Mask of Dargith Nurn (MQC 206/212)
[*]Master Quester (Comp 80/80) (MQC 207/212) ------------------------ Congratz On Completionist Cape!
[*]Completionist Cape (Trim 71/71) ----------------------------------------Congratz on Trimmed Completionist Cape!
[*]A mini Shipment (MQC 208/212)
[*]Kal'Gerion Notes (MQC 209/212)
[*]Marmaros and Thonk Letters (MQC 210/212)
[*]Of Kraken Ink (MQC 211/212)
[*]Umbral Diplomacy (MQC 212/212)---------------------------------------Congratz on Master Quest Cape!
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Even though I already told you how impressed I was, I seriously feel so wowed by this that I must post!

This. Is. AMAAAAAZING! It's very clear to see lots of time and effort went into this post and I'm excited to see what the spreadsheet will look like once it's complete smile

You always do an incredibly stellar job to benefit Surreal passionately, Brin, and I appreciate you very much for it! Biggrin
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[Image: GVO3.png]
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I look forward to when this is in spreadsheet form.. It'll give me some goals/a timeline for my ironman Biggrin
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Wow, this is amazing and I'm speechless for words to express my gratitude in the time in took for you to create this guide for everyone to use!
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Aww thanks everyone, I'm currently updating it a bit and hope to have it be even more useful soon!
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These are the Requirements (Quest and Skill) for every Regular Completionist Achievement (Along with a few recommendations)!
  • Abyss: No Requirements.
  • Advanced Potion Mixer Master: Plague's End Quest Completed.
  • Almost as Perky as a Prawn: 63 Construction (to make the aquarium in your POH).
  • Annihilator: Fate of the Gods (Partial completion).
  • Arc- Ancient Eastern Tortle Portals: 90 Divination (for the 100 Ancestral Energy).
  • Arc- Unlocking Waiko: Impressing the Locals Quest Completed (7,750 Chimes and 5 Taijitu from the Arc).
  • Arc- Upgrading Waiko: Impressing the Locals Quest Completed (17,000 Chimes and 16 Taijitu from the Arc).
  • Bag of Herbs: 400 Spirit Points (4 100 point games of Herby Werby). 
  • Bandos's Memories: The Mighty Fall Quest Completed.
  • Bane Tuner: Ritual of the Mahjarrat Quest (Partially) Completed.
  • Bean There Done That: 20 Construction, 71 Farming (38,600 Beans Required).
  • Bean There Done That, Got the Postcard: 104 Farming (27,600 Beans Required).
  • Big Chinchompa: 1,111 Competence Points in a single game of Big Chinchompa.
  • Bipedal Mask: 92 Slayer (Pieces of the Mask must be obtained on Slayer Task) (Can force tasks with a "Mask of the Airut).
  • Bridge Over Fremmy Waters: 30 Magic and Ranged, 55 Agility and Thieving, 60 Attack, 71 Dungeoneering (Complete 5 Unabridged Sagas).
  • Claus is Rising: Carnillean Rising Quest Completed.
  • Damage Control: Harbinger Miniquest Completed.
  • Data Recovery: 95 Divination Required.
  • Deadlier Catch: Deadliest Catch Quest Completed.
  • Diaries of the Clans: 77 Agility, Plague's End Quest Completed.
  • Dinosaur Hunter: 76 Slayer, 96 Hunter Required (Bladed Dive and Double Surge can help if you'd like).
  • Elven Titles: 77 Agility, 88 Summoning, 89 Crafting and Mining, 90 Slayer and Farming. Plague's End and As a First Resort Quests Completed.
  • Everything is Oresome: 90 Mining Required.
  • Eye for an Eye: 90 Mining and Jed Hunter Miniquest Completed.
  • Family Spirit Tree: 114 Farming, Plague's End and Prisoner of Glouphrie Quests Completed.
  • Famous: 70 Constitution and Strength (Minimum), Troll Stronghold (Partial) and Plague's End Quests Completed. (Kill Order: Arraxi, Giant Mole, Dagganoth Kings, QBD, Zilyana, Kree'arra, K'ril Tsutsaroth, General Graardor, Kalphite Queen, KBD).
  • Father and Son: No Requirements.
  • Final Destination: Tuai Let's Own, Ghosts from the Past and Damage Control Miniquests Completed.
  • Flag Fall: Impressing the Locals Quest Completed.
  • Ghost's From the Past: Harbinger Miniquest Completed.
  • Harbinger: Eye for an Eye Miniquest Completed.
  • Head of the Family: 90 Woodcutting and Fishing, 91 Cooking, and Impressing the Locals Quest Completed.
  • Heal, Quickly: 65 Dungeoneering and Prayer (38,000 Dungeoneering Tokens).
  • Helping Lanikea: No Requirements (Ironmen: 55 Slayer, 75 Hunter).
  • Hopespear's Will: 40 Prayer and Land of the Goblins Quest Completed.
  • I'm Forever Washing Shadows: 91 Divination and Plague's End Quest Completed.
  • Imping Around: 95 Hunter, Plague's End and Rocking Out Quests Completed.
  • Invention Gives me the Blues: 70 Invention Required.
  • It Should have been Called Aetherium: 90 Smithing Required.
  • Jed Hunter: Flag Fall Quest Completed, Head of the Family and Spiritual Enlightenment Miniquests Completed.
  • Kiln Fighter: Elder Kiln Quest Completed (Decent Combat Recommended).
  • Kudos to You: Obtain all 198 Varrock Museum Kudos (Includes Killing QBD and Various Quests as well as a Museum Quiz and Cleaning Finds).
  • Lair of Tarn Razorlor: 40 Slayer, and Haunted Mine Quest Completed.
  • Long Live the Queen: 60 Summoning (Kill the QBD Once and get the first of four Journals).
  • Lunar Master: 50 Construction, 60 Farming, Crafting and Agility, 70 Magic, Lunar Diplomacy Quest Completed (Must be on Lunar Spells) (430,000 Livid Points).
  • Mahjarrat Memories: 60 Divination, and Koschei's Troubles Miniquest Completed.
  • Make Them Bleed: 85 Slayer, and Plague's End Quest Completed (Clear 20 Waves on Any Difficulty of Rush of Blood). 
  • Master Quester: Complete all Quests and Attain the Maximum Quest Points Currently Available ( 410 / 410).
  • Master Skiller: Maximum Skill Level Available for Every Skill (Including 120 Invention, Slayer, Dungeoneering, Herblore and Farming).
  • Memories of Guthix: Lost City Quest Completed.
  • Music Maestro: Unlock Every Music Track in the Game ( 1283 / 1283).
  • My Last Resort: 60 Combat Minimum (1,000 Total Boss Kills).
  • Myreque in Memoriam: The Legend's Quest and Lord of Vampyrium (Complete In Memory of the Myreque Miniquest).
  • One Foot in the Grave: Hand in the Sand and Back to my Roots Quests Completed (Complete the Miniquest).
  • Out into the Ourania: Lunar Diplomacy Quest Completed.
  • Peachy Bones: 33 Magic (Minimum) (200 Telekinetic, 200 Graveyard, 300 Alchemist, 2000 Enchantment Points).
  • Pious Prayers: 70 Prayer and Defence, King's Ransom Quest Completed (Knight Training Waves Completed).
  • Port Life: 90 in one of the following: Agility, Construction, Cooking, Divination, Dungeoneering, Fishing, Herblore, Hunter, Prayer, Runecrafting, Slayer or Thieving.
  • Potion for a Lady: 81 Herblore and Plague's End Quest Completed.
  • Potion Mixer Master: Plague's End Quest Completed.
  • Rhian in Gold - The Original: Plague's End Quest Completed.
  • Seren Memories: Fate of the Gods Quest Completed (Bring Lots of Food to Survive).
  • Sing for the Lady: 75 Smithing and Plague's End Quest Completed.
  • Slayer Master: 99 Slayer, and 90 Dungeoneering ; Plague's End, Branches of Darkmeyer, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Firemaker's Curse, Void Stares Back, Chosen Commander, One of a Kind, World Wakes, and the Fate of the Gods Quests Completed (Clear 20 Waves on Platinum Difficulty).
  • Spiritual Enlightenment: 90 Slayer, and Impressing the Locals Quest Completed.
  • Stacks on Stacks: (Depends on Which Totem You Go For) (81 Woodcutting for Totem of Navigation for Example).
  • Stay Safe: No Requirements.
  • Stay Secure: No Requirements.
  • Task Master: Complete all Area Achievements (Requires a vast array of skills, 127 Combat, 270 Quest Points and also requires 500 Music Tracks to be unlocked.
  • The Curse of Zaros: 31 Prayer and Desert Treasure Quest Completed.
  • The Lost Toys: The Legend's Quest and Lord of Vampyrium Quests Completed (Complete Lost Toys Miniquest).
  • Top Town Hall: (Start as soon as Possible - It requires time and nothing else).
  • Trip to the East: Multiple Port Skills at Level 90 (Completing one trio mission will take a long time so start Ports ASAP).
  • Troublesome Crystals: 75 Farming, and 77 Agility, Plague's End, and Fate of the Gods Quests Completed (Also have Access to Fairy Rings).
  • Tuai Let's Own: 86 Farming, 90 Divination and Harbinger Miniquest Completed.
  • Uncorrupted Ore: 89 Mining and Smithing, and Plague's End Quest Completed.
  • Walking the Reef: Level 90+ In One Port Skill (Start Ports ASAP and Set your Active Mission to The Reefwalker Scrolls Right Away).
  • What's Mine is Also Doric's: 60 Mining, 70 Smithing and What's Mine is Yours Quest Completed.
  • Yaktwee's a Charm: 72 Hunter (Catch 1000 Charm Sprites).
  • Zarosian Memories: Fate of the Gods Quest Completed (Bring Food to Stay Alive).
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These are all the Trim Requirements (Quest and Skills along with a few suggestions)!
  • Advanced Sweeping: 93 Magic, Swept Away, Diamond in the Rough Quests Completed, Lunar Diplomacy and Underground Pass (Partially Completed).
  • Agile from Head to Toe: 90 Agility (250 Laps of Advanced Gnome and Barbarian Courses).
  • All Rise: King's Ransom Quest Completed.
  • Arc- All of your Energies: Impressing the Locals Quest Completed (5,000 Chimes, 5 Taijitu).
  • Arc- Bone to Pick With You: 25 Dungeoneering, Impressing the Locals Quest Completed (25,000 Chimes, 25 Taijitu).
  • Arc- Don't Crush My Memories: Impressing the Locals Quest Completed (5,000 Chimes, 5 Taijitu).
  • Arc- Mitts and Waders - Death Lotus: Impressing the Locals Quest Completed (Unlock Death Lotus Scrolls in Ports) (2,500 Chimes, 3 Taijitu).
  • Arc- Mitts and Waders- Seasinger: Impressing the Locals Quest Completed (Unlock Sea Singer Port Scrolls) (2,500 Chimes, 3 Taijitu).
  • Arc- Mitts and Waders- Tetsu: Impressing the Locals Quest Completed (Unlock Tetsu Port Scrolls) (2,500 Chimes, 3 Taijitu).
  • Arc- Salty: Complete Most Arc Related Content (302,350 Chimes, 384 Taijitu).
  • Around the World in Six Ways: 60 Firemaking and Enlightened Journey Quest Completed.
  • Banking History: Meeting History Quest Completed and Enchanted Key Miniquest Completed.
  • Barbarian Scavenger: Recover 26 Ancient Pages.
  • Champions, What Champions?: 60 Slayer Required.
  • Chompy Massacre: Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest Completed.
  • Class Crown: Tier 10 Imperial District (Soul Obelisks Can Help Speed Up Favour).
  • Complete Trekky: Darkness of Hallowvale Quest Complete (Higher Level Vampyre Quests can Speed Up Temple Trekking).
  • Completionist Cape: Attain the Completionist Cape (See Post Above For Help With That).
  • Conquest Adore: 55 Combat (Use an Alt Account or Have a Friend Help Out).
  • Count All Light Fingers: 40 Agility, 46 Herblore, and 62 Thieving ; Buyers and Cellars and the Feud Quests Completed (Also all Miniquests).
  • Death Effect: 50 Combat to Start (Up to 2,050 Reaper Points and 4,000 Slayer Points).
  • Desert Slayer Dungeon: 43 Prayer, 50 Magic, and 70 Slayer, and Smoking Kills Quest Completed.
  • E-I-E-DI-NO: 55 Construction and 118 Farming Required.
  • E-I-E-I-O: 20 Construction and 92 Farming Required.
  • Eastern Adventurer: 90+ in All Port Skills (Will Take a Very Long Time to Complete So Start ASAP).
  • Eastern Explorer: Gain Access to the Shield Region in Ports (Takes a Long Time So Start ASAP).
  • Eeeeagle!: 35 Agility, 45 Strength, Back to my Roots and Eagle's Peak Quests Completed.
  • Ferocious Upgrade: 90 Slayer Required.
  • Finish Him!: Finish Vorago with the Maul of Omens.
  • Hard as Daemons: 119 Dungeoneering (Hard Mode Completion of Every Daemonheim Floor).
  • Ice Ice Chimpy: Do No Evil Quest Completed.
  • Impressing Char: 91 Firemaking, The Firemaker's Curse Quest Completed.
  • Ivan is Flailing: 40 Firemaking, Legacy of Seergaze Quest Completed.
  • Jack of the Circus: Firemaker's Curse Quest Completed.
  • Jurassic Perk: 30 Agility, 75 Hunter, 81 Woodcutting and 90 Slayer Required.
  • Kal'gerion Commander: 113 Dungeoneering Required.
  • Lock, Stock and Barrel: Tier 10 Merchant District in Menaphos.
  • Maria you Gotta See Her: Broken Home Quest Completed.
  • Master Angler: (3,570 Tokens and 500 Medals in Fish Flingers - Start Early on your Account to Save a Ton of Time).
  • Master Builder: 90 Agility, Construction, Hunter and Slayer Required (Along with Time to Collect Resources).
  • Master of Assault: Max Role in All 4 Barbarian Assault Roles.
  • Master Otto: 4 Herblore, 5 Smithing, 11 Crafting, 15 Agility, 35 Strength and Firemaking, and 55 Fishing ; Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Quest Completed.
  • Mazcab Teleport: (2,000 Teci Required).
  • Memorialized More Than Once: The World Wakes (Partially Completed).
  • Meta-Phos: Unlock all Menaphos Achievements and Gain the "Sandy" Title.
  • Milk of Chocolate, Snape of Grass: 20 Cooking Required. 
  • Nomad's Mirage: Nomad's Elegy Quest Completed.
  • On a Rune High: Rogue Trader Miniquest Completed.
  • Penance to the King: Barbarian Assault Hard Mode and Kill the Penance King.
  • Perky Like a Prawn: 63 Construction (For POH Aquarium).
  • Quiet But Deadly Lore: 60 Summoning Required (Collect all 4 Journals from QBD).
  • Rank: Master Fenix: (211,860 Runespan Points) (Likely 99 Runecrafting).
  • Scabigail: Dealing with Scabaras Quest Completed.
  • Scribbling in the Depths: 80 Constitution, and Song from the Depths Quest Completed.
  • Scrolling with Power: (190,000 Dungeoneering Tokens) Unlock all Dungeoneering Scrolls.
  • Seagullible: Tier 10 Ports District in Menaphos.
  • Shadows Below: Complete Barrows: Rise of the Six.
  • Sheep Shearer: No Requirements.
  • Special Slayer Delivery: (1,900 Slayer Points).
  • Stone's Throw Away: Shattered Heart Completed 30 Times (30 Weeks Total- Start ASAP).
  • Tales of Nomad: Nomad's Elegy Quest Completed (Completed the Miniquest).
  • Tales of the God Wars: 70 Constitution and 60 Strength or Agility Required (Complete the Miniquest).
  • Telos if You're Angry 2: Defeat Telos at 100% Enrage.
  • To Be a Master: 115, Dungeoneering, 117 Slayer, The Jack of Spades Quest Completed (Collect all 160 Souls of Monsters for the Slayer Codex).
  • To the Bone: Tier 10 Worker District in Menaphos.
  • War, What is it Good for?: (1000+ Total Boss Kills, and 98,500 Marks of War Required).
  • White Knight Rises: Wanted Quest Completed (Kill 1,300 Black Knights and Attain the Master White Knight Rank).
  • Who Will be Her Lover?: Plague's End Quest Completed (Complete the Statue of Rhiannon 32 Times - 32 Weeks Total Time Required).
  • Witch's Potion: No Requirements.
  • Work on Your Artisan 2: (1,120% Reputation in the Artisan's Workshop AKA 11,200,000 Smithing Experience Gained in the Shop Required).
  • You're Not my Real Mah: Fate of the Gods Quest Completed (Collect 100 Elder Chronicles).
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The Guide is now up to date and covers all Completionist and Trim requirements!
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Reworked the Guide to include the exact number of Achievements completed for each cape if following from Scratch! It now Includes all Cape Requirements (and has been rechecked multiple times to ensure all were successfully added). This will likely change quite a bit Post-Archaeology as it was stated to have a ton of Lore Related Achievements (as it should). It was a huge goal of mine to have this completed before the new skill released (and I'm proud to say I have finally completed that goal!).
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