Who's interested in bossing events?

Hey everyone!

I'm making this thread to get an idea of who all would be interested in bossing events. I can host events now and I do quite enjoy killing bosses and getting loot. Getting drops is much more enjoyable with friends though!

So, if you could let me know in a reply, on discord, or in game if you would be interested in these kinds of events and what bosses/level of bosses you would be interested in killing, that would be greatly appreciated!
I’m not online much atm, but would be up for some bossing ?

We’ve done some group PVM before at twins, vindy, and kk. We can probably arrange something with Nick from Clowder and get a good size group going
@iWader on Twitter.
Yeah i'd be down. Nex is easy lets just do that on repeat haha.
All your skilling pets belong to me!
i'm interested in any bossing event as i like learning new ones! (realistically, probably not solak or eds though) i just hope i can find the time to be on for them.

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