Non-Combat Stealing Creation Game Walkthrough

In preparation for Mel's "Stealing Creation" Event I have been studying how a typical game of Stealing Creation with "Fast SC" Friends Chat works. I wanted to help those of you who will be attending this event (and hopefully more in the future) by providing a typical walkthrough of a game (can use this along with Mel's In depth guide to further understand the game). As a side note, I am a beginner at the game of Stealing Creation, but I have been watching Mel stream the game and asking her questions and now feel comfortable putting this here for you all (just in time for the event).

Before Starting Stealing Creation Games:

  • Turn off your "Attack options" - these can be found in your combat settings on action bars. No Combat Allowed!
  • Hop to World 99 and enter the Gamer's Grotto (Near Falador Lodestone or Games Necklace there)
  • Join the "Fast Sc" Friends Chat
  • Enter the Large Pen (Called Clan-Side)
When Games are Getting Started: 
  • Join one of the two game Friends chats "Fast sc456 / Quick sc456" (Balance teams)
  • Once the game starts leave the Friends Chat you joined to start the game and re-join "Fast Sc" Friends Chat to see calls in game
  • No Freeloading Games, No Barriers, No Armour
  • If your Familiar in Game starts attacking someone use the "Call" option on it to stop it
During the Game: 
  • Gather from the Highest Tier Node you can to get a piece of Clay (you can also gather from low level nodes to make low level tools first, but Mel recommended making 1 high level tool for a nearby Node of your highest Tier level for your Skill Levels (tier 1 = anyone; Tier 2= 20+ crafting / node skill; Tier 3 = Level 40+; Tier 4= Level 60+; Tier 5 = Level 80+))
  • Create the Tool for the Highest Tier nearby Node you can access at the closest "Creation Kiln"
  • Equip your tool (prevents it from getting pickpocketed) and harvest more from the High Tier Node to make your other 3 Tools and a Familiar (common courtesy is to offer clay to others who need it after making your first tool since you gather clay faster - If you aren't one of the first it's ok not to say anything though (Call PP to let the other team know they can pick pocket you for clay also - use clay on team mates).
  • You Need a Hatchet, Harpoon, Net and Pickaxe of your Highest Tier to maximize points (Tool requires Woodcut, Fishing, Hunter  and Mining but also Crafting Level to make so keep in mind your levels).
  • Once you've Made your tools and Familiar (Highest tier Familiar for you - It acts as a BOB) you should turn the rest of your clay into Familiar Scrolls.
  • When the "1 Minute Warning" is called head back to your base to deposit (you may see the word "Depo" in the FC, this is to remind people to Deposit before the end of the game)
  • Repeat from Beginning for the next game!
Tips for Stealing Creation: 

  1. Your First Tool should be made for the nearest Top Tier Node you can access (If you have 80 Mining and Crafting a tier 5 Clay Pickaxe would be great for a Nearby Mining Node)
  2. Once you've Made your First Tool; Equip it to prevent Pickpocket of it
  3. Place the Other 3 Tools at the bottom of Inventory; Summon your BOB Familiar; and place the Familiar Scrolls you make throughout the game beside the 3 tools in the final 4 slots of inventory (This is so that when you deposit clay into your BOB it will not accidentally place your crafted items in it since the Tier 5 BOB holds 24 Items it works perfectly every time)!
  4. Deposit into your BOB as soon as the 24th Piece of Clay fills your inventory (If timed correctly your character will keep harvesting clay from the Node)
  5. If a Node is called in the FC but quickly dies right after you can use the same call but place "D or Dead" at the end of it to show that it's no longer available
  6. Add the 3 Friends Chats to your Favourites by entering them and clicking the "star" located at the bottom of the friends chat list (makes joining a bit easier)

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