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I'm quite often coming across a small tip or trick from someone I rather embarrassingly didn't previously know which helps in all sorts of areas in game. They tend to be fairly well known but some things just slip the mind and get forgotten about/skimmed over in patch notes but can at times make a quite major difference. I can't be the only one who doesn't know them all so I thought it'd be cool to have a thread sharing them all, so post any helpful tidbits here!

- You can get more than one enhanced excalibur at a time; when talking to the lady of the lake ask for the non-enhanced excalibur when getting your item back, drop it and ask for another. Repeat until you've got as many as you want and pick them all up. Talk to her again and she'll enhance them all at once.

- Generally if a reobtainable item has a drop option, you can drop it and get a new one. (Cheers Meredith!)

- The quickest way to swap to lunar spells is by using the wicked hood's teleport to the astral altar.

- The hood's also a really quick way to get runecrafting strange rocks, both with it's teleport and the essence withdrawal option.

- The quickest way to get to a fairy ring is using a slayer ring and teleporting to the slayer caves. They're cheap and easy to make too. Tokkul ring to fight caves is also very close.

- At 68+ magic the quickest way to receive enchantment pizzaz in the mage training arena is casting Level5/6 enchant on the 6 gems around the room then world hopping. It's significantly faster than the official method.

- As well as the farming patch teleport, the elite ardy cloak teleports you directly next to a prayer altar.

- In the grave digger random, if you talk to the dude before arranging the graves there's a small chance they're already in the right place- try it before going through the horrible sorting process.

- The effects of an overload/prayer renewal potion will carry onto into a dungeon. Even if you don't have the level for overloads I'd strongly suggest using a prayer renewal potion.

- If you're an attacker on lunars in barbarian assault you can use the rune generator to contact bert for your free daily sand.

- In barbarian assault casting an emote right before the end of a round will make you leave the team and spawn in the lobby a couple of seconds later for the quickest of all quickstarts (you still get your charge/points).

- Low alching does not stop you from fishing/woodcutting/mining so is an easy way of disposing cheap resources if power training. Interestingly this isn't seen as glitch abuse yet superheating while mining is. You can also drop items without slowing down if timed right- you will have to reclick however.

- As well as the obvious potions/stews there are some other methods to gain temporary boosts, especially useful for effigy opening:
a) A clan citadel battlefield - +10 agility/Summoning (I believe you can visit a clan as a guest to get these)
b) Mud Bath in Guttanog - +8(?) Hunter
c) Oldak in the underground goblin city - +2 Runecrafting

- If you're having problems with the healers beating Jad, try using Storm of Armadyl which can take him out without even distracting the healers (if you've got high enough levels/boosts/armour)

- Prayer urns store your ashes without having to pick them up- too often do I see them left on the floor during slayer tasks.

- When running you can perform tasks (eg/ dropping) without stopping the running animation- if when you click you get a yellow cross as opposed to a red one. You can also create a gatestone while crafting your other runes in dungeoneering and it won't stop you from crafting.

- If you don't like icewyrms you can guarantee not getting them as a task without having to ban them. Drop your fire cape before talking to kuradal and she won't assign them.

- A spirit cape's special effect works on a unicorn stallion's scroll

- Never teleport off ape atoll with a full inventory and wielding your greegree- it will disappear

- For a quick 135k you can alch your balmung and get a replacement for free (one time only)

- You can keep your farming patches de-weeded by talking to the farmers who protect crops (thanks brock)

- You can note most produce items you farm by using them on the tool leprechaun (kudos brock)

- Spam clicking produce from bushes/tree allows you to harvest them instantaneously (more thanks to brock)

- After falador diaries you can get white lily seeds, which protect any allotments from catching disease once planted

- You can refill empty plant pots by using them on patches

- You can right click home teleport to teleport to your last chosen lodestone

- You can easily dismiss a familiar by opening follower details then right clicking on dismiss

- When entering runespan you can get 10 of every rune you make from the starting dude for 177 points

- Blocking ganodermic creatures allows you to also block girfafoffalolopines and griffraffalagraloos also all in the same spot


- If you need to get to base during an emote room in dungeoneering (and no one has it gated), you can start the home teleport before performing the third emote. After doing your emote you'll return mid teleport and finish it just after they've told you you can pass the room if timed right.

- You can avoid all damage on warped gulega in dungeoneering by praying melee at all times and swapping to the appropriate mage/range prayer by watching his movements.

- If you've already dropped a gatestone while dungeoneering and need to destroy it to place a new one there's a quick option to if you right click on the spell and select "quick cast"- especially useful when in combat. I got to 110 dungeoneering before discovering this lol.

- At 70+ runecrafting a surgebox will speed up dungeoneering floors much more than any rune bind will. No need to worry about c1s- there's tons of people in w77 who have them bound, take advantage.

- A lot of the items an enigmatic hoardstalker will ask for in dungeoneering are likely to already be in your inventory (coins/salve eel), they work just fine.

- Items acquired from one dungeoneering room can be used in another- it's especially useful to carry around a spare grapple or bridge part if you can, it may save having to make a potion.

- If two people fire a grapple across a chasm simultaneously you don't have to crank the winch.

- Fishing ferrets always move diagonally as far as they can before moving vertically/horizontally- all fishing puzzles can be solved in 2-3 throws.

- There's two ways to solo a catch the ferret puzzle:
a) Placing a trap in one of his resting locations and standing away letting him return to a resting station (if you've got a free gate and there's a GD going on it's worth gating it for a short while to help out rather than watching him run around like crazy).
b) Place a gatestone on his rest location and wait for him to go back to rest. Teleport and right click on the ferret before your teleport animation takes place and click "Catch ferret" just before you arrive. You'll either get bitten or you'll catch him.

- DG monsters DO count towards your slayer tasks- Fire Giants/Greater Demons/Black Demons/Hellhounds.

This is all that comes to mind at the moment but please do add more- I'm sure there's loads out there I'm yet to learn haha
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Some useful tips there, thank you. smile
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Thanks for that, some useful tips there! Biggrin
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Some neat little things in this guide, thanks for sharing them! smile
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I learned a few things from this! Very helpful! I'll try to think of other tips you can add (:
Thanks for this Justin always good to get some reminders and there were a couple things there that I did not know Biggrin
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Nice tips. Know most of them
Also I really dont know why our battlefield dont have the boosts option, already asked downfall when I discovered it but no one took me serious.
If i remember one tip I'll tell you so you can add
Thanks for all those useful tips Justin. smile
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Awesome read, I knew a fair few but some I still didn't. Already told you this at TOG but I'll repeat it hear about after Fairy Quest part 2 you can keep your patches weeded by asking a farmer to keep your patches weeded and after weeding it once it will stay weeded for you. (To stop him from weeding just talk to the farmer again).

Got this tip a week or two ago thanks to Gohan whilst in TS =)

Other ones I can think of atm off the top of my head that people all probably know though are using things you have collected from farming (except the juju herbs being the only thing I know that doesn't work atm) can be used with the leprechaun to note them. Sadly I didn't know about this after coming back to the game for a while >.< and that you can spam click the supplies from trees to collect them quicker (I know there's other stuff you can spam click as well, but can't think of them atm, I think bushes?).
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- You can get more than one enhanced excalibur at a time; when talking to the lady of the lake ask for the non-enhanced excalibur when getting your item back, drop it and ask for another. Repeat until you've got as many as you want and pick them all up. Talk to her again and she'll enhance them all at once.

I didnt know this so thanks! I keep dying and sick of having to replace them Biggrin just got 3 just now Wub

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