Fast SC Guide - Events & Stealing Creation Info

Fast SC Guide

Events & Stealing Creation Info

Fast SC - Info you need to know!

  1. NO COMBAT! Intentional combat will get you banned from games.
  2. Hide attack options -OR- equip a bow (no ammo) to prevent accidental attacks.
  3. No freeloading (standing in home base). Collect clay until the one minute countdown.
  4. No barriers (it slows down games).
  5. No armor (it mistakes you as a potential pk'er, and it isn't necessary anyway).
Note: If you make & summon a clay familiar and it's attacking someone, call it so it will stop attacking.

Also Note: As a Fast SC rank, I keep all fart humor hidden at all times, out of respect towards a Fast SC Admin smile

Fast SC - Events & "Learner Sessions"

The Fast SC community is beginner-friendly, so if you're a little rusty or have never played before, you're more than welcome to join us in the events listed below! smile

This next bit is not Fast SC specific, but I will share my RS window on our discord server during these events listed below. This will serve as "learner sessions", so you can watch the SC gameplay live if you're interested to watch before you join the games yourself, and if questions arise you can ask in #those-without-mics and I'll respond as timely as possible smile

March Event Schedule

I will update this every month when the calendar is finalized smile

Game Time Date

(These are unofficial events, no activity points will be awarded).

How To Play Games With Fast SC

1. Hop to World 99 and enter the large pen, this is called "clan-side" (it takes two friend chats as "starting chats").

Stealing Creation is located in the Gamers' Grotto. You can tele to Falador lodestone and run east a short distance to a cave entrance, or use a games necklace to tele there.

2. Make sure you are in a starting chat (while in the pen).

Fast SC's official starting chats are:
  • Fast Sc456 - This is the official main starting chat for games. [Lieutenant+ have power to host from this chat]
  • Quick Sc456 - This is the official anti starting chat for games. [Lieutenant+ have power to host from this chat]
Note: Starting friend chats will vary dependent on ranks available to play. Starting chats will be announced in Fast Sc, or at the pen if people are gathering there.

3. Once you get in the game, leave the starting chat ASAP and return to Fast Sc.

If you don't return to the main friend chat Fast Sc very shortly after getting into the game, the starting chat will be cleared (as in everyone who lingers in it will get booted, but don't worry, bans get cleared when the starting chat is empty). Fast Sc is the main friend chat where all communication takes place, and it helps others who visit to inquire if we have games running. All clay calls will be made in this chat, and any host changes that need to be made during games will be announced in this chat as well.

Fast SC - Discord

Joining Fast SC's discord is not required, but it's a handy option especially for those who want to be notified when there's game uptime smile (you can give yourself the 'Notify Games' role in #role-request by clicking the second reaction, this role typically gets pinged to alert that games are up. Feel free to give yourself any of the roles available in the channel).

Fast SC Discord

Fast SC - Understanding The Language

As mentioned above, all communication (including clay calls) takes place in the main friend chat "Fast Sc". It can be confusing for anyone unfamiliar with it, as we follow an abbreviated chat format in the Fast Sc friend chat and also in our games. I'll break it down below into assorted spoilers.

Game Terms: Clay calls/directions

(Click to View)

Game Terms: Other

(Click to View)

Miscellaneous Terms

(Click to View)
Stealing Creation

Guide on how to play

Very cool, haven't played this game in quite a few years. I kind of remember how to play but surely would need an update. Thanks for the notice.
Bumping this, the finished product is beautiful and needs to be seen!

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